How to spot FAKE Apple AirPods Pro!

The Apple AirPods Pro earbuds are extremely popular and with such popularity there are also a lot of counterfeit products that you have to watch out for.

The best and safest way to buy the original Apple AirPods is Amazon: or BestBuy: if you don’t have an Apple Store near you.

Fake Apple AirPods Pro

The fake Airpods Pro can be found on many Chinese websites and the price for these ranges from $30 to $70.

The ones that I recently came across are called the SuperPods Pro 2.0 and these are the best fakes that I have seen so far.

They are so good that I was having a hard time telling if I had the real ones or the fakes one in hand.

The problem with these fake airpods comes when people buy them from China knowing that they are fake and then they resell them as original.

If you are curious to see how the SuperPods Pro 2.0 look online here is the Aliexpress link:

Original Apple AirPods Pro

On the left you have the fake ones and on the right the original ones.

Alright, so the first thing that you should look for is the box and how it’s wrapped in plastic.

The original Apple AirPods Pro box has a little plastic tab that you can pull, where the fake ones have just a plastic wrap with no pull out tab.

Pull out tab on the original box

Either than that plastic tab everything on the box is very similar and you would have a hard time knowing if you are looking at a fake if you don’t have the original box side by side.

Inside the box there is a user manual and you should check that user manual and make sure that it looks like in the picture below. It is a fairly small detail but I am glad it’s there. You can also see this article in video format if you need more information. Video link at the bottom of the page.

Apple AirPods Pro User Manual

Next we are moving on to the charging case. Well the charging cases are almost identical but there is one little thing that I’ve noticed.

The small LED light on the front of the charging case looks white on the original case and flush with the plastic where on the fake case it looks almost black and not flush with the plastic body. You can see the fake kn the left and original on the right.

Apple AirPods Pro charging case

Inside the charging case, at the top there is also the serial number and model number for the Airpods Pro.

The writing inside de case looks a bit different as well as you can see in the picture below. The top one is the fake one and the bottom one is the real one.

Apple AirPods Pro serial number.

The fake case also supports wireless charging just like the original one.

That’s all I’ve noticed different on the charging cases.

Moving on to the earbuds themselves; well these ones are extremely well made and it is quite difficult to tell the difference in between them.

Same plastic texture, same weigh and they even have a serial number written on them. The serial number on the fake ones also matches the serial number on the box and the charging case.

I haven’t seen that before with other fake Apple AirPods Pro.

Fake and Real Apple AirPods Pro

Once again the main difference that you will notice between the original earbuds and the fake ones is the serial number.

On the fake ones the serial number has bigger numbers and darker text, on the original ones the serial number is smaller and the text looks more like grey.

You can see the fake ones to the left and the original ones to the right in the picture below.

Serial number

We are moving on to connectivity and features.

When you first open the fake Apple AirPods Pro you get a very similar pop-up on your screen as you would get on the original Airpods Pro.

There is a little difference there as well as you can see in the picture below. Not something substantial but good enough to point out. The fake airpods are on the left side of the picture and the original on the right side.

AirPods Pro connectivity

Features wise, they are fairly similar. The fake ones will pause the music if you take one out of your ear and than start it again if you put it back in.

You can also access Siri from them and turn on and off the noise cancelling or the transparency mode.

Even though the fake Airpods Pro allow you to turn the noise cancelling on and off from the earbuds themselves or from the phone, the noise cancelling doesn’t actually work on them.

On the original Apple AirPods Pro you do feel quite a big difference when you turn on the noise cancelling. Everything becomes quiet.

The fake ones nothing happens when you turn it on; so this is another thing that you could look for.

Apple AirPods Pro Noise Cancellation

Once again, if you plan on getting yourself a pair of AirPods Pro I highly recommend that you buy them from a reputable store like Amazon: or BestBuy:

I’ve also done a full video showing you the differences between the Fake and Real airpods pro and I suggest that you check it out so you learn more about the fake Airpods and you don’t get fooled into buying them believing that you are buying the original ones.

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