Xiaomi Mi Box Android TV Review 

Xiaomi introduced a new and inexpensive media player running Android TV that is intended to compete with the Apple TV, Roku 4, etc.

At the moment the Xiaomi Mi Box is only available in the US and that is a big change for Xiaomi; a Chinese product that i mainly intended for US buyers.

You can find the Xiaomi Mi Box at the following retailers:
Amazon US
The presentation box looks great and it look like something that you would expect from an Apple or HTC product, not a cheap Chinese media box.

We also get a remote control that has a microphone for voice commands and as you were expecting it looks like the remote control that you would find on the Apple TV.

The Xiaomi Mi Box has the Amlogic S905X processor , 2GB Ram and 8GB of internal storage . You can expand the internal storage with a USB stick as well but we only have one usb port available on the MiBox.

Since this is running Android TV and is certified by Google you can easily watch Netflix and many other online streaming apps in HD.

You also have access to the Google Play Store and all the apps that are available and built for the Android TV operating system .

You can watch my review below to find out some benchmark scores, what video formats work and what video formats don’t work , how you can sideload different apps on the Xiaomi Mi Box and install some custom launchers and many other interesting things .

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    • Unfortunately… Only if you are in the US… And they don’t ship outside of the US from Walmart… That box turned out to be about $130 by the time it got to me

  1. Hello, i like Xiaomi products but this box have old processor 905X and only 8gb of internal memory.
    I am looking for a good android box for 100$, to use Kodi and play some games. What box do you recomend? I see many reviews, is not easy choose one with good support. thanks

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