Beelink Mini MX TV Box REVIEW

The Beelink Mini MX is a new TV box that has the Amlogic S905 processor paired with 1GB of Ram and 8GB of internal storage.
The box looks like most TV boxes, having nothing too impressive to show. It it made out of plain shiny plastic and doesn’t have any buttons. There is only a led light on the front of it that lights either blue or red.
The box runs Android 5.1 and it is quite quick when you don’t have too many apps running in the background.
Kodi and the Google Play Store comes pre-installed and you can install any apps you want from the play store.
Big MKV files run very smooth and i couldn’t fine any format that wouldn’t be too smooth. The only videos that don’t run very smooth are the videos you watch on the YouTube app.
The remote control looks better than the remotes that used to come with these Chinese boxes. However, i did use a bluetooth mouse with the box for a better experience.
Overall for $39.99usd this is a really great tv box.

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