Doogee Smartphones new products plan in November and December


No less than 6 new DOOGEE models will be arriving on the market before the year is over. And for the first time for DOOGEE among those 6 there will be 3 able to use 4G. They will all come with the new MT6732 from Mediatek, a 4 core 64 bits ARM Cortex-A53 processor system processor with that can support resolutions of 1080 at 30fps and native support of 13mp cameras. Like all Doogee phones it will support dual SIM standby and all of them will, as Doogee has always done, still simply be the best mobile one can buy at that price range,
In total there will be, Titans 2 DG700, Iron-bone DG750 that will arrive during November and during December we will see the arrival of 4 more, the Hitman DG850 and the new series of F1, F2 and F3, named Turbo mini, Ibiza, and finally, Europa. Doogee will be displaying all of them during the Global Sources Mobile Electronic Fair in Hong Kong from October 18th to 21st.
The Iron-Bone boast a really stylish metal, aluminum-Zinc alloy, frame that makes it one of the hardest models we have, hence the name. The metal frame fits perfectly with the rest of the components, including a compact 4.7 inch screen. But this bad boy is not only good looks, it comes packed with a lot of punch, nothing less than a 8 cores processor, running at 1.3 Ghz plus 1+8G of memory.
The First of the “F” series will be the F1 Turbo Mini, a smaller version of the beloved DG 2014, and Doogee first 4g mobile ever. This compact 4,5 inch screen 4g mobile will come with some functions from other movies, including HotKot, previously encountered in the DG580 that allows file transferring without Wife, just by touching the phone’s screen. Inside, it comes with a 1.5 Ghz 4 core processor and 1 + 8G of memory.
Following the 4G trail, next in the F series is the F2, Ibiza, as the name implies, this phone is a lot of fun to use. With a 5 inch QHD 5 points touch panel screen, post capture processing technologies and flash leds to make your selfies show your best side. This phone is the right choice for those who are always on the move and still need a 4G connection.
Finally the last incorporation to the DOOGEE family is the F3 Europa. The Europa is a high end mobile that incorporates some of the aspect of all the DOOGEE phones made so far. With 4g, Gorilla Glass, 5 Inch high definition screen, a back touch panel, smart gestures,1+8 of memory and  more…
As we can see, DOOGEE keeps on moving forward in its pursuit of becoming one of the best mobile phone manufacturers in the market but at the same time keeping the price of their mobiles reasonable and affordable for the final user. As the mobile industry moves forward, DOOGEE keeps pace with its competitors.