Elephone EleCam 360 Action Camera Review

This is the year of the 360 degrees videos. Elephone brought on the market one of the first Chinese 360 degrees action cameras; the EleCam 360.
The camera is quite small and light and it has a quality build.


It can be found as cheap as $132usd.
Get this from:
Gearbest: http://bit.ly/295jvSU – use coupon code “GBElecam”
Everbuying: http://bit.ly/2954Xn4

Aliexpress: http://bit.ly/29autsS

Amazon US: http://amzn.to/298PLWo

Amazon CA: http://amzn.to/295vUpU

The camera comes if a few accessories and mounts so you can easily take it on your next adventure.
There is also a manual, but like most Chinese products its totally garbage.


You can use the camera with the accompanying app on your smartphone or by itself.
The app is simple and easy to use and you can download everything right on your phone.
Sharing the content will be difficult to do because everyone needs that app in order to be able to see what you filmed.
Uploading straight to YouTube doesn’t work either.


If you do want to upload something to youtube you will have to save the footage on your computer, download the EleCam 360 video converter program, convert the video with that app, download the YouTube metadata injector app, put that video thru that program and than it will be ready to be uploaded on to YouTube.
A bit complicated and also not mentioned in the EleCams 360 manual.
Get the EleCam 360 Video Converter from here: http://bbs.elephone.hk/thread-11209-1-1.html#.V3YIf6KhKNk

Sample picture taken with the camera:

Unfortunately this is the only way to see these pictures unless you open them with the EleCam360 App

Check out the review video of the Elephone EleCam 360:

Sample video in 360:
(you need to watch this on Chrome, Firefox, or on the YouTube App on your smartphone)

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    • I can, but they look like 2 circles on a black background. I haven’t found any software that can process them. Only the video

      • Hi Redskull, you can stitch circle images with PtGui Pro or Autopanogiga, you first need to split the image in 2 different files, one for each sphere. You can send me some photo samples and I will try since I have both working softwares here! I really wanna try this!

    • there is a way when there is a will:)
      ONLY on windows though, couldn’t get it to work on MAC
      -transfer images from camera directly to laptop via usb
      -start by changing the EXIF data
      (camera/model: RICOH/RICOH THETA S
      -run the jpg through the ELECAM VIDEO converter software on PC
      -post to facebook, it will automatically recognize the 360 format and post a fun VR stitched pic. amazing!

      • Thank you for sharing with everyone the step by step. Do you mind if i post these instructions in the review video?

  1. Hi, Thank you for the review.
    Do you know if it is possible to use the camera while charging? For example if I want to use it in a car, for a long trip, can I used it while connected to the microUSB power?
    Many thanks in advance

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