Nexbox A95X TV Box REVIEW

The Nexbox A95X is now yhe cheapest tv box with the Amlogic S905, 1GB Ram and 8GB Rom running Android 5.1.

You get find it here:
Gearbest: — use coupon “GBA95X”
Amazon US:
Amazon CA:
Amazon UK:

The tv box is very small and made out of plastic entirely. On the back we have the HDMI and the AV outputs. On the right side, 2 usb ports and the SD card slot. Like most of these tv boxes the Nexbox A95X doesn’t have a power ON-OFF button.


The box comes pre-installed with Kodi 16.1 and a new app from Nexbox called Kodi Centre. From Kodi Centre you can choose whatever addons you want to install and also update the ones that you’ve installed.
Surprisingly all the video formats that i tried work very well including 4K files. This is great news considering that the box is very cheap. Videos with DTS and DD sound don’t do great on this box.


Gaming is also possible, however, the box doesn’t have bluetooth and you will need a gaming controller that has a usb dongle.


I didn’t have any apps crashing for the time that i used the box, but some app need a bit of time to start up.
Overall this little box offers great value for it’s unbelievable low price.
Check out the review video for more information.

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    • No. The remote can, become a mouse but it is very slow to move around. I recommend buying a separate Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

  1. How the hell are you supposed to install this thing if you’ve not used one before. There are no instructions that make sense. Very user unfriendly. I cannot find a forum or video anywhere to say how to set the thing up. It will have to go back. Please do not assume people know how to do these things.

    • There is nothing to install. You just turn it on. Sign in to the Google Playstore to access any apps. If you are looking for kodi addons open the kodi centre and select what you want to install. Check out my review video, it could be helpful

  2. Just turn it on? Yeah. The blue light on the box is on, but no screen comes up. No way to set up my wireless. Nothing. I can turn the box on & off with the remote & that’s it. Any suggestions?

    • Have you selected the source on the TV where the tv box is connected? If yes and you still get just a black screen, your box is most likely bricked. You will need to flash the OS on it again. It is a simple process once you find an appropriate rom for it. If you bought it from Amazon, return it.

    • Ha! I figured it out! You geeks will laugh, but for the rest of us here’s my fix. I switched the HDMI cable around. Took the end plugged in to the tv & plugged it into the box, & visa versa. Before this I never would have guessed that would have any effect, but now I know different. Had to share.

    • I had the same problem when i used a computer monitor. All black and i thought it was defective. Once i plugged into my TV it just worked

  3. Thanks for the great review. I’ve just ordered one. I am carious about Kodi library, is it possible to move the library to an external SD/USB storage, since the internal storage of the unit is small.

    • Thanks for watching. Install a external HDD (plug it in) or usb and play everything from there and save everything there too.

      • Thanks for your fast reply. The problem is that, Kodi library is the folder where files downloaded by Kodi when scraping movies/tv shows are stored. This folder is located in Kodi folder inside the box.

        • Oh, i understand what you mean now. Ive read some time ago that it’s possible somehow, but it seemed a bit too complicated and never tried it.

      • can you tell me whay don”t work media player on hard disk?….i have image but no sound…too mkv and mts

  4. I have just bought 1 of these showbox exodus keep doing the same thing saying time elapsed loading then saying stream or not available? I have to admit my Internet bandwidth is ridiculous and hoping that’s it, please any suggestions what I’m doing wrong thanks

    • Point the remote control right at the box… If that doesn’t work… You may have gotten a remote control that isn’t paired with the box. Either way… The remote controls on these boxes are useless and you should get a wireless keyboard & mouse. It will make your life much easier. They aren’t that expensive either… Probably under $15

      • Thanks for your quick reply.
        I bought 1 and I’m using it, the only problem I got is when I have to shutdown the box. I have to unplug it from the back. The keyboard can’t shut the box down.

        • Yeah, that’s true. Just leave the box on all the time… Mine is always on… Nothing happens to it

  5. Hi. The remote control that came along with the unit is really CRAP. Anybody knows a standard remote that will work with this unit?

    I have connected the unit and all other functions are fine. The date/ time/ region/ etc cannot be adjusted with the provided remote. Even though English (US) is the language selected, while entering the Wireless password, other characters are being displayed other than the ones entered.

    The Box is excellent. No other complaints

    • It does have miracast, there are too many gamepads available… Im not sure if all will work connected with a cable

  6. Have just brought one of the boxes tried to set up wireless network and some reason the light in the remote is constantly flashing do you know why? Many thanks

    • The wifi network shouldn’t have anything to do with the remote control. Personally, i never use the remote controls from any tv box

  7. Hey, the stock remote for this box has vanished. Is there a way to shut down through the system with they keyboard remote?

    • Try downloading a “shut down” app from the playstore. I have actually tried any… So i don’t know… But than you will have to unplug it and plug it in to turn it on… Just leave it on all the time

    • Current firmware has a setting under System to select a power button, which can map to a keyboard (and maybe a remote button?). I actually like this remote–it has all the basic unctions but is simple, easy access to home, Kodi, exit button, etc. and a directional pad that has good feel. I use a usb/wireless keyboard/mouse for typing info and browsing.

  8. Redskull, I like your videos. I watch all of them to inform me to do comparisons on which box I should buy. I bought a Nexbox A95X box, now the box won’t power on. I see no light. Do you have any suggestions as to solve the issue? Thanks, and keep up the videos. Joey

    • I had that happening to me with a box and i thought it was the box… But in fact it was the power adapter that died… Hopefully this is the case with your box. Thanks for watching!

  9. hey i have just bought 1 of these tried setting it up but the hdmi dosent work no display any suggestions tried a new hdmi cable just to be sure

    • You may have a defective box. I had that happening to a mxq pro box… I ended up throwing it to the garbage… If you got it from Amazon return it… If from China… That sucks…

      • I had the same problem, believe it or not make sure the HDMI cord is plugged all the way into the box. I thought mine was, no picture, I was bummed out and tried again, and the cord slid in the rest of the way and the picture came on.

  10. Well, you expect these devices to be good with coming from Amazon and expect dud’s from Ebay. Just received the Nexbox A95x Pro (S905x) 2G/8G and no HDMI out. Power’s up and that’s it. Sent email to manufacturer at INEXBOX to see if they will send me the stock firmware and try to reflash it and see if that fixes it. I shouldn’t even bother with it and just send back to Amazon. But been looking forward to cutting the cable to save the dollars.

    Anyone got a backup firmware for Nexbox A95x Pro (S905x) 2G/8G.

    • Try checking the freaktab forums. I had a couple of boxes that showed up and they would turn on and nothing else… I ended up throwing them to the garbage… Didn’t even try to fix them. I would return it and get another one. Not worth the hassle mostly if bought from Amazon.

      • Just have the hassle of shipping item back to Amazon. Should be free return shipping.
        Do you have any suggestion of Android TV boxes that work well from Amazon. Since the broken one cost me $51.99, that will be my refund price for a new one.
        Prefer device must haves: Android 5.1, 2G/8G

        • Hmmm… I think that you should try the new generation of the Nexbox A95X with the S905X and Android 6.0. (check out the review of the on my YouTube channel) Im not sure how much that costs on Amazon. Me personally i use a MXIII-G and a Zidoo X6 Pro for my day to day tv boxes.

          • It’s the same one i was referring to. Bad unit most likely. Haven’t had any issues with the 3 that i got.

          • Ah, that figures. Direct from manufacturers they worked without issues, but when you buy them Third party via Amazon that’s the problem then. Similar to how you computer components, as you ensure the components work as they come from manufacturer to retailer (two “shake” process).

            Mine came from a storefront called “XDirect” and fulfilled by Amazon at their Kentucky fulfillment center.

            I am going to test with a known good HDMI cable later and will keep you posted.

          • I think Gearbest gets them right from the manufacturer. The sellers on Amazon… Who knows what other resellers they get them from… Who knows how things work in China…

          • As I guess it bad HDMI cable. The HDMI cable I am using has ferrites at the ends of cable and was pulled from my Windows 7 HTPC. So, for all that get a Nexbox A95x S905x from Amazon, don’t return because no HDMI output. Just check the HDMI cable with known good cable.

          • Happy to hear that you don’t have to go thru the hassle of returning it! Thanks for sharing with everyone

          • Redskull,
            I thought the Nexbox A95X was rooted but come to find out it is not rooted and having hard time getting it rooted. Have you made any attempts to root the one you reviewed.

          • I don’t remember if it’s rooted… Sorry i go thru too many boxes to remember each one. I am pretty sure that mine had root access

  11. I dont understand a lot of what nexbox is about, but I am trying to get Netflix or simular onto my Smart Tv, TCL, does the nexbox come with it Loaded

    • Nexbox is just the brand. All the tv boxes run Android and they have access to the google play store (similar to the apple play store). You can download any app that is available for Android from there including Netflix.

    • Gary, Not sure what model TCL you have. But most TCL’s have Roku installed and should have came with Netflix installed. Just Google TCL (your model) Netflix, you should find your answer.
      For me, I have “dumb TV” and wanted to add smart tv box to them without breaking the bank. The Nexbox is just another long list Chinese Android Tv Box that has majority of apps that you have on your smartphone.
      Anyways, the model I is the one in RedSkulll article: Nexbox A95X S905X 2GB/8GB. Yes, it comes with Netflix pre-installed and a few other bloated apps that personally don’t care for. The nice thing is that its rooted, meaning you un-install apps for good that you don’t want/need. I got mine from Amazon just because of having Prime and two day free shipping.

  12. John, my TCL is pre 2014 and the maker tells me that the app for netflix does not come with it. I do have Roku and have looked at it but cannot see how to download Netflix.

    • Without knowing exact model of the TCL Roku 2014 model. I did a broad search and found this model on Amazon that is a 48 inch:

      I looked up the model on and looked at manual. Not sure if there is a direct Netflix app per manual, you may need to open web browser on TV and go to You also may need a software update, suggest looking on back of TV for the exact model and download the manual from website. The Android TV boxes described here may need some patience of setting up and tweaking if you desire to purchase one.

      • Sorry John I misinformed you as to ROKU, I mixed this up with a App that is on the set and I do not think I have aROKU.

        • Gary,
          Good to hear that you purchasing the Nexbox A95x. Its not a bad device, just limited docs/support and fairly new ROM. Keep in mind if purchased from Amazon like mine, the HDMI cable did not work for mine. I had plenty of HDMI cables laying around and knew it would work. So, don’t panic if use the HDMI cable that came in package and get no output.

  13. Thankyou John, my Tv is a 55″ Smart TV TCL.pre 2014.
    I have ordered a Nexbox ,the model that is shown, and will proceed to try and set
    it up with what comes with it, but I believe there may be other parts that I may need, I have WI FI on the TV

  14. My problem is I can’t seem to get it to hook up to the internet. It has accepted my password but still no connection. Also it asks me if I want to configure my proxy and up settings. Should I do this?

  15. Hi,
    Would like to know what wireless controller you are using for games? I tried an Xbox 360 controller but couldn’t get it to work.


  16. Hello Redskull,
    I’m confused after watching this video as in the 16GB rom version you said the wifi is not very good and 4k video did not play..

    • I think you are looking at 2 different products. There are 2 versions of the A95X. The new one is the one that has the S905X processor and Android 6.0. Realistically, there aren’t too many 4K files at 60fps that you can watch… Therefore that isn’t a problem. The wifi is not great on 90% of these boxes and you can always use a powerline adapter to have a wired connection

      • Thanks for the reply,
        Both the products Nexbox(1g/8g) and Nexbox(2g/16g) have same processing power and GPU.
        And you mentioned a wifi-speed on Nexbox(2g/16g) to be 1.40mb download, whereas 25mb download in Nexbox(1G/8G).
        I was planning to buy the 2G/16G version. But I’m confused after watching this.

  17. i have nexbox 1g/8g and it keeps losing wifi signal. my network and all other devices are sending/receiving excellent wifi signal. is my nexbox just part of the 90% that are bad? any fix available?

    • Unfortunately, most tv boxes have very weak Wifi antennas and that’s why this happens. I recommend using a wired connection. I use a powerline adapter since i don’t have cables throughout the house.

  18. no output on hdmi does not mean it needs re-flashing, it most probally means you havent put the hdmi cable far enough into the box. i had 2 boxes i thought wasnt working, then i realised the cable needed to go further than you would expect. pull out and push in, try the opisite end of the cable too and you can get around this. make sure your tv is on too before you connect the power lead after the usb is in so it gives the box ample chance to detect a compatible output resolution.

    if remote does not work, connect a usb mouse and goto the settings and browse the remote section and make sure its turned on.

  19. Have to agree with remote, I have to be within 2 meters for it to work. I have one of those mini keyboard things that works fine but use remote to turn on and off.
    Got the 1gb version, Ive had it reboot back to homescreen twice on first night and it is a bit sluggish. Thinking I should have got the 2GB version 🙁

  20. Hi.Is this box better or mxq pro? Also if i want to use mainly on wifi,which is the best budget box?No gaming.Only video streaming and browsing.Thx

    • The wifi isn’t great on this box. Same performance with the MXQ Pro but the wifi works better on the mxq pro

  21. I purchase NEXBOX_A95X and happy all week watching (1:16 85%) square SCREEN in my new 32 inch WOX TV. I cant find settings configurations with mouse or with remote, how to change screen format. Maby TV has 4:3. 85 % zoom out give me not cut away left border. Thanks for help.


  23. Hi Redskull,
    I’m trying to watch videos using NEXBOX smart TV, via an app (Optus EPL) or online, and I can’t because I don’t have adobe flash player (or a suitable alternative). Do you have any suggestions I could download in order to get these videos working? Many thanks, Gary.

  24. Hi I am in the Uk help I bought the a95x from amazon and when I go onto the free channels all the channels are not in English though I have changed the language to english

  25. I have a Nexbox A95. Had to unplug it and set it up again, now it’s stuck on the title screen. Remote won’t work, wireless keyboard won’t work. Tried unplugging and replugging a few times. Nothing… Stuck on the title screen.

  26. I have the latest android 6 with 2g/16g; I not able to get my weather set to Celsius ( in coding yes but in home I cannot get it set). Walked like what is in my opinion all settings in language / location no results. Bluetooth is working so far but my mouse/keyboard is disconnected after shutdown and need to re-associate. Wifi is excellent on this box. No lag at all in streaming any kind of content, browsing fine.

  27. Hi,
    Anyone managed to get temple run to work on this box? Games like Asphalt Airborne are quite stable when I set display to 720p.


  28. Hello, How do I list running apps in the background.. and be able to switch between open apps or close them? .. I can do this on android phone but I don’t know how to do this on the Nexbox A95X (s905x, 2/16G).. everytime i click on “Menu key” on remote control, which on my phone would show all opened apps, i get a “devicetest” app that runs instead !! thank you

    • Unfortunately on nexbox tv boxes you can’t because it doesn’t have a navigation bar. It is quite inconvenient

      • So if there is no configuration change to enable a navigation bar, and therefore no Menu button to list all running apps and kill them.. is there some app we can download to do the same function ?

    • So i just bought the S905X CPU with 2GB ram and 8 GB rom, and figured out how to open the running programs.
      I did this with a keyboard so you might need one, here is how it works:
      1- Put the mouse at the very bottom of the screen
      2- Hold the “Left mouse” button on the keyboard
      3- Move the mouse upwards using the touchpad on your keyboard

  29. I have the Kodi screen that show but no apps, tried to install new one no luck,so I tried to un-install can I do a factory reset on my boxes? James

  30. Hi Mr The Skull 🙂

    I have a nexbox a95x and so far, i have been happy with it. even got a new OTA firmware update released on the day I actually received it. So the software on the box is really stable.
    Everything works great other than the wifi performance, which is so so.

    My question is, is it at all possible to use a USB wifi dongle to somehow beef up the wifi reception. I have an extra one laying around from an old pc.

  31. I do not have the HD connection on my TV so I went a bought an adapter to connect the HD connection on the box to the HD mini connection on my TV. I set the source and it is not finding a signal. What am I missing. THe box works on another TV.

  32. Box arrived today.
    Most functions work with the exception of Kodi.
    Any ideas how to reset Kodi without losing all the pre-installed add-ons?
    Many Thanks and Kindest Regards for any help offered.

      • Is that a factory reset of the a95x box or Kodi itself?
        Also do you have a link to detail how to factory reset please?

          • just got my box yesterday: A95x 2/16GB and have same problem with kodi. I have excellent wifi connection, able to use web browser but could not use/log in to google play store. message says something about network connection or server problem. when using kodi, all add-ons auto updates failed. tried that factory reset u mentoined about but did not fix the problem. any ideas? i also dont know how to flash it or where to get software link for latest firmware?

  33. Ref A95X box 6.1, i have just purchased from Amamzon UK.
    I do not live in UK but have the main UK TV addons, but Notfilmon,FilmonTv will not work.
    Through a VPN connection BBCIplayer and ITV player work but then drop out after say 5 minutes,the bog standard Filmon addon is ok. I previously have owned 2 MX TV boxes that were ok and the addons worked ok.
    Any suggestions greatfully received

    • Try to keep as few apps running in the background as possible. Hopefully the vpn app won’t be killed that way

  34. I have telephone internet (Telus, in Canada). Is it as simple as: powering up the box, connecting my modem to the box (ethernet) and connecting the TV to the box (HDMI)? And how do I select programming from that point?

    • Yes it is fairly simple to use. You would use kodi to check out online streams or install Showbox for movies & tv shows

  35. The internal WiFi is to slow for streaming in my witeless network. It’s possible to extend with a USB WiFi dongle? (Powerije Adalter I can’t use because I dont have extra power connector at sleeping room)

  36. Hi. My Nexbox A905X (2G/8G) from Amazon, and having some trouble. Wifi is connected, internet connectivity confirmed. Am trying to use Kodi addons (ie. Exodus etc) yet, the available videos are never shown when trying to browse the content, it just says “Working…” I also cannot access Google Play Store to reinstall a fresh Kodi. I have done all System Updates successfully over wifi, so connectivity is def ok. I’ve tested my device at a friend’s house, and all Kodi + Exodus works 100% – only seems to be at my house, yet Kodi + Exodus streams off my Windows laptop perfectly, so is not a firewall setting on router – is something limited to the Nexbox device. Any ideas? Factory reset perhaps? Thanks in advance

  37. Bought the nexbox because I have only tube TV, bought the Av connection but pictures all garbled. Any way to fix this?

  38. I have a A95x. I go into kodi and it starts up then I get a message that says:

    Kodi isn’t responding

    Do you want to close it?

    Yes or No?

    I have to select Yes and the message goes away and everything works fine.
    Is their a way to stop this message from occuring?

  39. Why cant i see what is on my external harddrive.. i plug it in and it shows up, but i cant access it.. i can eject, and format.. but not open the folders on it?? what do i do wrong?

    • If that hard drive was formated on a MAC Computer, it wouldn’t work. Has to be a PC format. Did you install a file Explorer from the Google Play Store?

  40. Its not formated on a MAC.. only been used on PC before..
    If i format it with the nexbox.. will i be able to use it on my pc then?

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