Fake Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review & Sample Pictures 

Every popular phone seems to be copied by some manufacturer in China. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is no exception even though it is much more difficult to manufacture than regular phones due to the curved screen.

For the unsuspecting buyer this could be easily seen as an original product. There are a few key differences that one can look at to try to avoid being scammed.

The first thing i would look at would be the sim card tray. If it is made out of metal and it doesn’t have some type of rubber towards the top it is most likely a fake device. Check out the comparison video for a better understanding.

Next clue should be the curved screen. On the original device, if you look at the curve edges of the phone you will see that the screen goes all the way to the metal frame. On the fake device the screen kind of ends where the glass starts to curve.

Another clue could be the rear camera. The lens does look much smaller than the original device. Of course, it could be challenging to tell if it’s smaller than the original if you don’t have  that one in hand as well.

Hopefully if you watch the video you will have a better understanding and idea how this fake device looks and feels so you don’t get fooled into paying hundreds of dollars for it.

The following pictures were taken with the fake phone:

Make sure that you check out the comparison video below so you get enough knowledge and not purchase fake products.

Find this on DHgate:http://bit.ly/2aFPyYe and on Fastcardtech: http://bit.ly/2b61mqp