OCLU A New Exciting Action Camera

Today we are checking out a brand new action camera. This action camera is very unique, very unlike all the other action cameras available on the market. This one is called OCLU action camera.

OCLU Action Camera water resistance
OCLU Action Camera water resistance

This is a water-resistant action camera, so you can splash some water on it, you can splash some mud on it and nothing will happen. However, if you do plan on taking this diving, I do recommend that you get yourself the waterproof case and probably a floating stick because you don’t want the camera to get damaged. Personally I took OCLU Action Camera in the water with the waterproof case on multiple occasions and it works great afterwards.

OCLU action camera FPS

OCLU Action Camera can record in 4k at 30 frames per second. You can also do 2.7K, 2.5K, and it can also do 1080p at 120fps. If you plan on recording anything in slow motion that’s the resolution that you’d use. I have done a couple of slow motion clips with OCLU Action Camera and I have to say they look absolutely amazing. Of course you can also do 1080p at 60 fps, 1080p at 30 fps and everything else below that.

If you plan on using the electronic image stabilization you’re going to have to select 1080p at 60fps or 1080p at 30fps or below. The image stabilization doesn’t work for higher resolutions.

We’re moving on to the camera itself. OCLU Action Camera looks very unique and it’s also made out of a combination of rubber and plastic. I actually dropped mine a couple of times and it worked fine afterwards.

On the bottom we have a quarter inch screw, so we can basically mount this action camera on any tripod. Then we also get the mounting tool in the box, so you basically attach this to the bottom of the camera and then you can mount this on any accessories. There are a bunch of accessories that the company makes, but if you don’t want to buy accessories OCLU should work with most accessories from the other action cameras.

OCLU action camera front screen
OCLU action camera front screen

On the front we have the lens and a small screen. On that screen you can see the battery life, the mod that you are in, the recording resolution and there is also a small LED that will flash whenever you are recording. Next to that we have a microphone.

At the top we get the bigger screen and that’s at the screen that you would actually look at them to frame your shots. We have the recording button and that’s also the select button. We also have a couple of more holes for the microphone there.

On the left hand side you have a couple of buttons. On the right hand side we have the holes for the speaker. All the way the back we have the charging port and little plastic door that will cover the battery and the SD card.

On one charge you can get about an hour and a half if you are recording in 1080p but it will depend how you actually use the camera. It depends on if you keep the screen on, if you keep the Wifi on etc. You may be able to get more or less recording time depending on how you use the camera.

OCLU action camera charger
OCLU action camera charger

You can use OCLU Action Camera while charging. The charger attaches to the back of the camera with magnets and it doesn’t matter how you actually place the charger, it charges the camera no matter what.

This camera can do time lapses with the press of a button and that’s where charging the camera while doing something with it is important. I have done a time-lapse with this camera in 4k and it does look super cool.

I’ve had OCLU Action Camera for a couple of months and I took it pretty much everywhere with me. I took it on boat rides, on horse rides, on car rides, on bicycle rides. I even dropped it a couple of times, it has some scratches on it etc.

Most of the recordings that I’ve done in 1080p at 30 fps because that’s where we get an electronic image stabilization. I’ve done some in 60 fps as well but most of them are in 30 fps.

OCLU action camera sample picture
OCLU action camera sample picture during the day

Since this is a camera of course it can take pictures and I took some pictures during the day and during the night. To take pictures you just press a button, the camera takes a picture or you can change settings and if you want to take more advanced pictures.

OCLU action camera sample picture during the night
OCLU action camera sample picture during the night

OCLU Action Camera can be controlled from your smartphone over Wifi:

  • The camera can make a Wifi network.
  • Connect to that Wi-Fi network with your smartphone.
  • You have to install an app on your smartphone (the app is available for Android and iOS).
  • Once you have the app installed you can connect to the camera.
  • You can change all the settings for the camera right from the app and you can also see the recordings that you’ve done on the camera and you can download them on your phone.
OCLU action camera App GPS + video
OCLU action camera App GPS + video

If you use the app with the camera at the same time. Let’s say you put the phone in your backpack and then you can record your GPS location as well (like on a bike ride). You can record the speed and the location on the map. When you actually watch the footage you can see exactly where you are on the map and the speed at all times, so a pretty cool feature.

Using the camera is also super simple but you can customize it for whatever you need. We have four modes that you can select from. You can customize each mode individually. So you basically press one of the buttons on the left hand side, then you can switch in between modes.

OCLU action camera LiveCut editing
OCLU action camera LiveCut editing

In my case the first mode that I have set up on OCLU Action Camera is called LiveCut. This is something that I haven’t seen for other cameras in the past. In this mode you can basically delete footage while it happens. Let’s say that you’re trying to get a special shot, so you’re going to have to record the same thing for four or five times to get the perfect shot. Usually you don’t want to save all that footage because when you get home you’re going to have to upload all that to the computer and look through it. With OCLU LiveCut you delete the shots that didn’t turn out good. So you see how the shot was, then you delete it right away and you start recording again. It’s a very unique feature that allows you to to delete the files that you know that aren’t going to be good.

There are also a bunch of mounts and accessories available for OCLU Action Camera but you’re going to have to buy them separately. For example:

  • The floating stick.
  • I usually use the camera with a waterproof case.
  • There is a selfie stick, that you can bend any way, you can make it longer, so you can do a bunch of stuff.
  • There is a mount so you can mount the camera on a bicycle or on the handle.
  • There are some stickers so you can attach it to helmets and stuff.

There you have it this is the brand new OCLU Action Camera.

Check it out here: https://bit.ly/2MmcWRD

Watch full review in video format with video and audio samples: