The 8000mAh battery King – Oukitel K8000 Review

Oukitel has been on a roll with smartphone releases this year and the Oukitel K8000 is their latest device.

This phone isn’t like any other phone that we have seen lately; this one has a massive 8000mAh battery and a 5.5″ Amoled screen made by Samsung. On top of that we have a metallic body, a fingerprint scanner, a 13MP front facing camera and a dual camera setup on the back.

So on paper the Oukitel K8000 sounds amazing considering it’s under $200 price tag.

But how do they do it? How do they keep the price so low? Well, the phone is powered by the somewhat older MTK6750 CPU that is paired with 4GB of RAM. The 5.5″ screen has a resolution of 1280 x 720 so not the latest and greatest.

But even like that i can tell you that the K8000 offers amazing value and decent performance for it’s low price.

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Build Quality

The Oukitel K8000 is made out of metal and glass and it feels just as good as a premium phone does. Since it has such a massive battery inside it is a bit thicker than your regular phone and somewhat heavier, weighting about 235 grams.

On the back there is a 16MP & a 2MP Camera but don’t get your hopes up imagining that you will take great portrait mode pictures. The Blur mode as they call it is software generated and the pictures taken with that mode don’t turn out great.

If you use just the 16MP camera and take regular looking pictures the pictures are above average for daytime and night time. I have included some sample pictures in the video review that is posted at the bottom of this article.

The power and volume buttons are located on the right hand side of the phone and they are made out of metal. The power button has some red accents as well and it looks pretty cool.

The K8000 even has a 3.5mm audio jack and that is starting to become very rare. The sound output is also decent.

On the other side of the phone there is the sim card slot. This phone can take either two sim cards or a sim card and a sd card. That SD card can also be used as internal storage and that is great because this way you won’t be running out of internal storage. Speaking of the internal storage, the phone is left with 54GB after the operating system.

On the front of the phone all the way at the top there is a 13MP front facing camera and we even get a notification light that can change colours.

The picture quality from the front facing camera is great as long as you have enough light. The pictures are crisp and detailed and look past great.

That changes as soon as there isn’t as much light available. I have included some sample pictures in the review video posted below.

The Oukitel K8000 has a Amoled screen and that is kind of unheard off in this price range. The screen’s resolution is only 720P but in my opinion it looks very good even like this.

The colours are very saturated and the viewing angles are also great. It would have been nice if the maximum brightness would have been better but once again, for the price we can’t expect that much.

The screen sensitivity is also decent and the screen can register up to 5 touches in the same time.

Just below the screen there is also a fingerprint scanner. The fingerprint scanner can also be used as a back button and as a home button. As a fingerprint scanner it is accurate 95% of the time but it isn’t super fast. It usually takes half a second from the time you touch it till the screen comes on.

Battery Life

Since the Oukitel K8000 has a gigantic battery you can also expected some exceptional battery life. I was able to go for about 2 days without changing the phone and out of that over 17h of screen on time.

That battery life is impressive for any device that has a battery and this phone got the best battery life that I have seen on any smartphone until now.

So, if you don’t want to charge your phone daily this could be the phone for you.

The phone also supports Mediatek’s fast charging technology but since the battery is so bit it still takes about 4h to fully charge it from 0 to 100.

Aside from that the phone can also charge other phones so it acts as a power bank.


As i mentioned earlier, the Oukitel K8000 is powered by the MTK6750T processor and this is not the fastest nor the most power efficient CPU.

On the Antutu Benchmark the phone gets a score of about 41000 and on the Geekbench 4 a multicore score of about 2500 so not very high scores.

The main difference you will feel between this and a flagship phone is the time it takes to open apps. If you don’t have a couple of seconds to spare this phone may not be for you.

Overall I was satisfied with the smoothness and the overall performance in most situations.

For heavier games you may notice a bit of lag and some skipped frames but for most games available in the Google Play Store this won’t be an issue.

Connectivity & GPS

The GPS unit inside this phone takes only a few seconds to find the location and once the location is found it doesn’t seem to loose it when driving in between buildings.

The Oukitel K8000 also supports 4G connectivity and dual-band WiFi and the speeds are fairly good for download and upload.


The Oukitel K8000 offers amazing value for it’s low price. Of course it’s not the fastest phone out there but the performance is adequate for day to day usage.

The battery life is extremely good and the cameras can take great looking pictures. If you are looking for an affordable device you should definitely consider this one.

You can find the Oukitel K8000 at the following retailers:




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