Voyo Q101 10.1″ Android Tablet Review

The Voyo Q101 is a very affordable tablet running Android 7.0. It features a 10.1″ 1080×1200 Display and a massive 6500mAh battery that can keep it going for 2-3 days. Even though it costs under $100 is made out of metal and has a very premium feel and look. In my opinion this tablet was mostly intended for media consumption, like YouTube, Netflix and much more.

Since the tablet is fairly cheap it doesn’t have the fastest CPU but you can buy it with 2 or 3GB of Ram. Depending on what version you will choose it will come with either 16GB of internal storage or 32GB. The internal storage can also be expanded with an SD card and we also have two slots for 2 sim cards, and depending where you are located the tablet supports 4G connectivity as well.

You can find it at the following retailers:

Gearbest: http://bit.ly/2herdla

Banggood: http://fas.st/knDZV

Aliexpress: http://ali.ski/9u7Im

Amazon: http://geni.us/eo9e

The screen has nice and vibrant colours, great viewing angles but it doesn’t get super bring so it may be a bit difficult to see if you are outside.

Since the UI ia very close to stock Android the tablet feels very speedy in most situations. It will take a bit longer than other more expensive tablets to open apps but that is normal because the CPU used for it is not that powerful.

There are also two speakers on the back of it and even though i wish they would have been placed on the front they do a decent enough job. There is even a 3.5mm headphone jack available if you need to plug in some headphones.

Overall considering that the tablet costs under $100 i believe that it offers great value.

For more detailed information check out my full review video below.

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