Amazfit GTR Lite Review. Amazfit GTR Lite VS Amazfit GTR

Today we are talking about the Amazfit GTR Lite smartwatch. This is a watch that looks very similar to the original Amazfit GTR but cheaper.

You can find Amazfit GTR Lite for $110 at Gearbest.

Amazfit GTR and Amazfit GTR Lite

This watch can do about 95% of what the Amazfit GTR does; so pretty much everything with one exception.

The Amazfit GTR Lite has the same 1.39″ AMOLED screen and it also supports auto-brightness, therefore screen will be bright enough so you can see it no matter where you go and you can even see it in direct sunlight.

The Amazfit GTR Lite watch also supports that feature where the screen comes on every time you turn arm toward you. It takes about half a second or less for the screen to come on, and it works really good.

Amazfit GTR Lite Always-On Display

The Amazfit GTR Lite also features an always-on display. The screen can stay on 24/7. Unfortunately you cannot customize the way the always-on display looks like; You can either have a digital dial or an analog dial, depending what your style is.

Depending if you keep the always-on display ON at all times – that will impact your battery life. If you look at the manufacturer’s website it says that this watch can get about 24 days on one charge. The way I’ve been using the watch I was able to get about six days on 50%. That means that I’m going to be able to get about 10 to 12 days before I have to recharge it.

Notifications setup Amazfit GTR Lite

I’ve used the always-on display constantly between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. I also got a bunch of notifications, I had the heart rate monitoring on at all times, and I’ve done some sporting activities. So using Amazfit GTR Lite like that you’re going to be able to get between 10 to 12 days on one charge.

If you turn off the always-on display, if you turn off the 24/7 heart rate monitor then, of course, you’re going to be able to get more. So your results will be different depending on how you use the watch.

Charger placed on Amazfit GTR Lite

Charging the watch is pretty simple. There is a charger that attaches to the back of the watch and it takes about 1 hour 30 min to 2 hours to fully charge the watch from 0 to 100.

One of the main differences between Amazfit GTR Lite and the original GTR is the material used for the watch’s body. The Amazfit GTR Lite’s body is made out of aluminum where with the original GTR we get stainless steel. Personally I like the way that GTR Lite looks more than the other one; it just looks better with a darker color.

Amazfit GTR VS Amazfit GTR Lite body comparison

The straps are made out of rubber but you can easily replace the straps and there are a bunch of them available anywhere and this way you can customize the watch to your liking.

The second main difference between this and the original GTR is the fact that this one doesn’t have a GPS unit inside. It has the same sporting activities as the original GTR. If you take your phone with you whenever you are doing any of the sporting activities, the watch will use the phone’s GPS so you can still get accurate information. If you don’t have the phone with you then your information is not going to be as accurate as it would be with the original Amazfit GTR.

If you’re not an athlete and you’re like me, chances are you’re going to have the phone with you every time you go for a walk or for a run. If you do have done the phone with you, then there is really no difference because the watch is just going to use the phone’s GPS and you’re going to get the same information. However, if you’re a professional athlete and you go running for two hours, you probably don’t want the phone with you. In that case, I don’t recommend that you buy this and I recommend that you get the original GTR that has a built-in GPS unit.

In my opinion for most people, the GPS unit inside is not going to make that big of a difference.

Once you’re done with your sporting activity, you can see all the stats on the watch or on the phone. If you’ve had the phone with you, you can see a map.

Amazfit GTR Lite Notification Sample

Moving on to notifications. Just like Amazfit GTR, the watch can display whatever notifications you get on your phone. You can see the notifications on the watch but you’re not going to be able to reply to any notifications. When that happens I consider a smartwatch more of a fitness-watch than a smartwatch. If you’d have a smartwatch that’s using Android Wear or the Apple Watch then you’d be able to reply to notifications.

Amazfit GTR Lite can track :

  • your steps throughout the day;
  • the distance that you’ve done;
  • the calories that you’ve burned;
  • your heart rate;
    • + you can see all that on the watch or on the phone

Using the watch is extremely simple:

  • if you swipe one way – you can see how many steps you’ve done;
  • if you swipe the other way – you can see your heart rate;
  • if you swipe down – you have access to a quick toggle system;
  • if you swipe up – you can see the watch’s menu;

You can change the watch faces and there are a bunch of watch faces available through the Amazfit app. It’s fairly simple to change watch faces but it takes like 30 to 60 seconds to change a watch face.


Amazfit GTR Lite is a very good-looking smartwatch that isn’t that expensive. Even though it doesn’t have a GPS unit, I would actually buy this one over the original Amazfit GTR.

I just find this one better looking. I like the look of the rubber band, gray body and so on. Not to mention that you get a great looking screen that you can see in direct sunlight, you get great battery life (10 to 12 days if you use it the way I use it). So definitely a great watch if you are looking for a basic smartwatch that looks great.

Find the Amazfit GTR Lite at Gearbest

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