Amazfit GTR Review + Huawei Watch GT comparison

Amazfit GTR review

Today we are taking a look at the Amazfit GTR smartwatch. This is a watch that was released about six months ago and it looks very similar to the Huawei Watch GT (one of my favorite smartwatches out there).

You can also find this watch for somewhat cheaper than the Huawei Watch GT. You can find this one for around $130 at Banggood or Amazon.

Amazfit GTR auto-brightness
Amazfit GTR auto-brightness

With this watch, you get a 1.39 inches AMOLED screen. The watch also supports auto-brightness so no matter where you go, no matter how much light that is around you, you’re always going to see the screen.

I did notice that the brightness on the screen on the Huawei Watch GT is somewhat better, just a bit better but that’s the main difference between these watches.

Amazfit GTR always on display feature
Amazfit GTR always-on display feature

Amazfit GTR also supports the always-on display features so the screen can stay on 24/7. Unfortunately, you cannot customize the always-on display, you can either choose a digital one or an analog one. If you do use this feature, the battery life isn’t going to be as good but that makes sense because the screen stays on constantly.

The watch also supports that feature where the screen comes on every time you turn arm towards you and it works really good. It only takes half a second or even faster for the screen to come on.

Amazfit GTR sport activities
Amazfit GTR sport activities

Amazfit GTR is more of a fitness watch than a smartwatch and I’m going to explain why. Inside Amazfit GTR we have a GPS unit. The watch can track a bunch of sporting activities like running, walking, treadmill, cycling, swimming, etc. With that GPS unit, the watch is going to track the distance, the speed, the location, etc. It’s going to be more accurate with the GPS unit inside.

Amazfit GTR GPS positioning
Amazfit GTR GPS positioning

I did notice that it takes about a minute/minute and a half for the watch to initially find your location. That could be annoying if you’re outside ready to go for a run and then you have to wait for the GPS. It takes a bit longer than the Huawei Watch GT where it usually takes 10-20 seconds.

Once you’ve done one of those activities, of course, you can see all the information about that activity, including a map. The map on the watch is fairly small so you can’t really see it but if you open the app you can see the map on the phone. Plus the calories that you’ve burned, the distance, the speed, etc. All that information is saved on the watch and then synced on the phone.

Amazfit GTR synced information on the phone
Amazfit GTR synced information on the phone

You don’t actually need to bring the phone with you can just go running with a watch and then whenever you get back home and the watch connects to the phone then it will sync all that information.

Amazfit GTR can receive notifications. Whatever notifications you get on your phone, those notifications will be pushed to the watch. The notifications will show up, you can read them but you cannot reply to any notifications. So if you want to reply to any notifications you’re going to need to take out your phone.

Amazfit GTR can track your heart rate 24/7. It also tracks your heart rate whenever you’re doing one of those sporting activities. It can also track your sleep, so it will display light sleep and deep sleep. Me personally I haven’t slept with this watch or basically any other words because I just cannot sleep with a watch on.

Amazfit GTR notifications
Amazfit GTR notifications

The watch will track your steps so it will display all the steps that you do throughout the day. You can see all that information on the phone as well.

If you’ll check the manufacturer’s website it’s going to tell you that you can get about 24 days on one charge. But it really depends on how you use the watch. If you get a lot of notifications, if you have the screen on 24/7, if you use the GPS slot, you’re definitely not going to get 24 days. You’re mostly going to get somewhere around 7 days.

I did notice that the battery life on this one isn’t as good as the battery life that we get on the Huawei Watch GT. So I’ve noticed that the always-on display does use way more battery than it does on the Huawei Watch GT. I’m going to say that you can get about seven days on one charge. But if you turn off the heart rate monitoring, if you turn off the always-on display, if you don’t use the GPS, then you can probably get even a month on one charge.

Amazfit GTR charger positioning
Amazfit GTR charger positioning

Charging the watch it’s super-easy, we have the connectors on the back there and the charger attaches to the back of the watch and it takes about two hours to charge it from zero to 100.

Amazfit GTR vs Huawei Watch GT
Huawei Watch GT vs Amazfit GTR

Just like the Huawei Watch GT Amazfit GTR looks very similar to a classical watch and that’s definitely a good thing. Because I’m kind of tired of seeing those square looking smartwatches that look kind of ugly in my opinion.

The body is made out of metal, the bottom is made out of plastic but you can’t exactly see the bottom whenever you’re using the watch. The straps are made out of fake leather. It does look like leather and the inside of the strap is actually made out of rubber. That makes sense because if you’re sweating, you definitely don’t want that leather to stink. The straps are also replaceable, so the watch can look different depending on the straps that you have on it now.

Amazfit GTR straps
Amazfit GTR straps

Looking at Amazfit GTR and the Huawei Watch GT I personally feel that GT looks just a tiny bit better. The Huawei Watch GT it doesn’t look as round as Amazfit GTR if that makes some sense. Again it’s just my opinion and you may actually find the Amazfit GTR better looking than the way we watch GT.


If you’re looking for a good looking watch that’s not that expensive, the Amazfit GTR is probably one of the best-looking watches for around $130. Keep in mind that this is more of a fitness watch than a smartwatch. By that I mean that you’re not going to be able to:

  • reply to notifications
  • connect your headphones to this
  • make phone calls from the watch

This is mostly a watch that looks good and:

  • will track your steps
  • will track your heart rate
  • it will track all that and give you accurate information

If you are looking for something smarter, this may not be for you. But for $130 this is a really nice watch.

Find it on Amazon or Banggood

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