BAVision wireless IP 1080p Camera Review

The BAVision is yet another Chinese gadget. Like most of these IP cameras it looks and does the exact same thing. You can connect to it and monitor remotely what’s happening whereever the camera is placed.
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The set-up is easy and fast and all you have to do is follow the quick start up guide.
They do recommend in the guide to use the camera with a wired internet connection, and they are absolutely right. On Wifi the camera lags very badly, almost to the point where it becomes unusable.


The camera can turn left, right, up and down so you can see anything around it. It also switches on to night mode in the darkness.
It takes a SD card and you can either record the footage on the sd card or on the phone or tablet


The video quality is not the greatest and neither the picture quality, however it is acceptable considering it’s price range.
Check out the review video for more detailed information.


  1. Do you know how to change it to record on the sd card, can’t seem to switch it and only wants to record on my phone and I can’t fast forward Video on the app, emailed the guy from the company and I can’t get a response back

    • It’s been a while since i had that… I don’t remember… However i remember being able to record on the SD card somehow; because i was able to watch the recodings from the SD card on the computer afterwards

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