Beelink GT1 TV Box Review – Amlogic S912, 2GB Ram, 16GB Rom

A couple of weeks ago Beelink introduced their new Android TV Box with the new Amlogic S912. The new box is called the GT1.

The box itself it’s simple, made out of plastic and on top we have their brand name and a cool looking like carbon fibre pattern. Unfortunately we only have 2 usb ports available and the wifi antenna it’s sitting on the inside of the tv box.

The box is running Android 6.0.1 and Beelink choose a launcher similar to the one found on the Beelink MiniMxiii. Not a bad launcher, but a bit boring. Since the box comes pre-installed with the Google Play Store it is very easy to install a new launcher like Nova Launcher.

You can find the Beelink GT1 at the following retailers:

GearbestAliexpressEverbuyingAmazon USAmazon UKAmazon CA

The GT1 was the first TV Box with the Amlogic S912 that was able to play all video formats that i have tried. All other S912 boxes have trouble playing 4K@60fps.

Since we are talking about what the box can and can’t do, let’s touch on DTS and DD; Using Kodi, DD sound works flawlessly but DTS cuts in and out every couple of seconds. Hopefully it will be fixed in a future update. Touching on updates, Beelink tends to stay on top of the issues and push constant updates.

For more information like the Antutu Benchmark, Geekbench 4 Benchmark, internal storage speeds and much more check out the review video at the bottom of the page.

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  1. Hi Alex.
    I’m very interested in a TV box that performs well with DTS/Dolby and your reviews are one of the few that I see where you actually comment on this functionality. So far this box seems to be the best performer using the S912, but I’m not clear if your audio tests were with Kodi, or the built in Movie Player.

    Also I am wondering if you intend to review the ARNU Box Mach 12 which has only just been recently released by ARNU Box ( The ARNU box appears to be much more expensive, but has a similar hardware architecture as this Beelink, so I am interested in the comparison.

    I enjoy your TV box reviews – a nice consistent format for comparative analysis.

    • So, i test both. With Kodi and the built in player. With Kodi 98% of the S912 TV Boxes don’t do good, but if you actually use the built in player DTS and DD work great. Check out the latest tv box i posted on my youtube channel. That one has dts and dd working with kodi

  2. Upon unboxing the Beelink GT1, I was happy to see the small form factor and nice looking carbon fiber pattern on the outside of the box.  The design is small, sleek and looks nice sitting next to the television.  I really like these small designs as they are easy to transport and small on postage for those of you who sell or gift these devices on a regular basis.

  3. beelink just deleted their forum so potential buyers won’t be able to see the thousands of complaints users have!! frequent crashes, poor wi-fi performance, overheating, optical out not working, green screen flickering, airplay, miracast, netflix not working, bluetooth not working, dark playback. this is on all the boxes not just a few… don’t buy this box on specs and paid reviews unless you are planing to use this box a few feet from the router and know how to burn a custom firmware

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