An affordable 4K Action Camera with a touch screen – Campark X20

Ever since the GoPro cameras made it on the market there have been hundreds of Chinese brands bringing very affordable action cameras on the market.

Campark is one of them and their latest 4K Action Camera is the X20. This one is somewhat different than most other ones on the market because it has two screens and one of them is also a touch screen.

Having a touch screen makes it much easier to use than most other cameras that i tried in the past.

The Campark X20 is not that expensive either considering what it offers. You can find it for around $100-$120 depending when you buy it.

At this time it’s only available on Amazon:

In the box

The camera comes in a carrying pouch and that’s a nice touch for the price.

Inside the case you will find the camera and the waterproof case. The manufacturer suggests that the waterproof case is good to up to 30 metres in water. I’ve only tried it in the sink and there hasn’t been any water going inside the case.

You will also find two 1050mAh batteries, a user manual that is in a few languages; English included, and a variety of mounts, and stickers so you can place the camera anywhere from a helmet to a bicycle.

Another great accessory that comes with the camera is a remote control. The remote control is waterproof and whenever the camera is turned on you can start recording or take pictures with a press of a button. Definitely a great thing to have!

Build Quality

The camera is about the same size as a GoPro 3 or a GoPro 4 and it’s made out of plastic. It doesn’t feel cheap at all and it’s much better than a lot of other ones that i have tried in the past.

On the front there is a small display that shows the recoding time and on the back there is a 2″ Touch Screen.

The touch screen has decent sensitivity and on par with all the other cameras that i tried before. The sensitivity isn’t as good as you would find on a smartphone but you can easily control the camera as it is.

If you aren’t a big fan of the touch screen you xan also use the buttons for starting recordings and changing settings and they have the same functionality as the touch screen.

The camera can take SD cards up to 64GB and i was able to use a cheaper SD card from a Chinese brand and it worked great.

You can find that SD card on Amazon: or at Gearbest:

The camera’s microphone is also placed around those ports and all the recordings that i have done with it sound great. If you want to check out some microphone samples i have added some in the videos review that is at the bottom of this article.

If you don’t like using the waterproof case the camera can be placed on a tripod just by itself because it has a 1/4″ socket at the bottom next to the plastic door that covers the battery.


Some features worth mentioning are the image stabilization and the wifi connectivity.

The camera can make a wifi network and while connected to that wifi network you can control the camera from your smartphone. In order to be able to control and see what the camera sees on your phone you will need to download an app. The app is available for Android and iOS devices.

This works great up to about 10 metres away from the camera, further than that and it will get disconnected very often.

The second great feature is the image stabilization. This can be used for any resolution, so either 4K at 24fps, 2K at 30fps, 1080p at 60fps.

The stabilization works good and i have included a couple of sample recordings in the videos review that you can see at the bottom of this article.

Video & Picture Quality

The Campark X20 is using the the Novatek 96660 processor and it does a good job in this price range. Unfortunately this CPU cannot record in real 4K and all the 4K recordings you will get from this camera are 2K recordings interpolated to 4K.

This isn’t something new and all action cameras that use this processor do the same. If you want native 4K you will have to spend a bit more and get another camera that isn’t using the Novatek 96660.

The cheapest camera that can record in real 4K is the ThiEYE T5e but you will have to spwnd $40-60 more on that one. You can check it out on Amazon: I have done a review on this one as well and you can find it on my YouTube channel.

The quality of the daytime recordings is great and better than most other cameras using the same CPU and if you want to check out some sample recordings you can check out the video review posted below.

The night time recordings aren’t as good but that is the norm for all action cameras these days. Once again, i have provided sample recordings in the video review.

The camera can also do a timelapse at the press of a button and that is very convenient. Other cameras just take pictures and you have to stitch them together manually and that is very time consuming.


For the price the camera offers great value and good video recording quality. The touch screen is a nice addition as well and makes controlling the camera much easier and faster.

You can find the Campark X20 4K Action Camera on Amazon:

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