Cubot X18 Smartphone Review

These days Android phones come in many shapes and you can buy some of them for as low as $50.

The Cubot X18 is one of the cheapest Android phones that you can buy with a 18:9 Screen ratio. The 5.7″ Screen is an IPS panel that has great and vibrant colours and good sensitivity but we have a resolution of 1440×720. Even like that i wouldn’t call this a bad or ugly looking screen.

The phone is powered by a MTK6737T CPU that is paired with 3GB Ram and 32GB of internal storage that is also expandable with an SD Card. Since this isn’t an expensive phone the performance that we get from that quad-core CPU is adequate and in my opinion the phone does great for most tasks.

Apps tend to take a bit longer to open when comparing this to a faster more expensive phone, but hey, for the price it doesn’t get any better!

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The build quality is also decent and you wouldn’t say that this is a cheap phone just based on how it looks. The plastic back is very shiny and looks like glass and we also have a fingerprint scanner sitting on the back. That fingerprint scanner is accurate most of the time but not the absolute fastest i tried but once again, given the price of the phone is appropriate.

There is also a 13MP camera on the back and a 8MP camera on the front. Aside from taking decent pictures we even have a flash on the front and one on the back. If you want to check out some sample pictures taken with the Cubot X18 Smartphone, make sure that you check out the full video review below.

Most apps that i tried on the phone work ok after they load. Chrome is very fluid, and can also be used with the native split screen available for Android 7.0.

Unfortunately you won’t be able to take full advantage of the screen while watching YouTube videos since the phone doesn’t offer a zoom-in option. Therefore you will have some black bars on thw left and right of the screen.

The gaming performance was better that i was expecting as well but overall great for that quad-core CPU that we have.

For more detailed information, sample pictures and Benchmark Results make sure that you check out my full video review below.

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