Nexbox A95X, Amlogic S905X, Android 6.0, 2GB Ram, 16GB ROM REVIEW

The Nexbox A95X was released not too long ago, however that was just an entry level tv box with the Amlogic S905, 1Gb Ram and 8GB of internal storage.
The upgraded version brings a lot of value for a low price. Now we get the brand new Amlogic S905X, 2GB ram, 16GB Rom, Android 6.0 and even bluetooth.

The box even gets a brand new launcher that looks and performs great. It is truly a step forward from the launcher used in the original A95X box. With all these improvements the box still doesn’t cost that much and it is available to purchase from a variety of resellers.
Here are a few places where you can find it:


The box is quite small in size and you would expect that it would get super hot because of that. Due to the new S905X processor it doesn’t. These new processors run at a very low temperature and overheating doesn’t seem to be an issue anymore.

The box also supports dual band wifi, however the wifi antennas aren’t the greatest and the signal is weak. That translates into very low wifi speeds and if you plan on using this box over wifi you will be disappointed. A wired connection will work so much better.

Like all other S905X tv boxes that i have tried, some 4K files don’t seem to work very well. I am sure that this has to do a lot with the software optimization and hopefully it will be fixed in the future. All other formats that i’ve tried do very well and there are no issues whatsoever. I haven’t had a chance to test out DTS and DD yet but i will update this page once i do with the results.


In the review video i’ve done many benchmark tests and ive tested pretty much anything that you can think off.

Overall this a great TV Box that offers excellent value for it’s price. Check out the review video below for more detailed information about the new Nexbox A95X.

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  1. Hi.

    It’s weird that a newer package seems to works less good (4K videos) than the previous A95X, with Android 5.1.1, 1Gb ram/8Gb ROM (I see your previous review)

    Is possible that it’s just a matter of updating Kodi/VLC software components to be compatible?

    Thanks for the review!


    • It happens all the time. It has to do with the software optimization… They rush to get the new products out and that’s what happens. Eventually those issues will be fixed… But for now.. The S905 works better than the S905X

  2. Do you know what the fastest class of microSd is supported and what is largest size. (32 or 64Gb)? If not, where can I find out? Could not determine who mgr is to ask them. Also, could you explain how to load various addons onto microSD card? Not sure what path to use to download only onto sdcard. Your videos are great, caused me to buy two of these rascals at $40 big ones each!

  3. Do you know of a Forum for this TV box. Google no help! Could you recommend an add-on for just movies. Mostly non-violent! Can be either included, or not, on original Kodi setup. I have NO experience with the add-ons available so any recommendation will be greatly appreciated.

  4. I have just received my Xbox A95 and it appears that it is already out of date with many newer versions being mentioned such as MZ111-g.
    I do not know which is better but the A95 has given me a lot of grief, it allows me to go so far each time with setting up and then goes to a blue screen, it may be because I take a little time with using the remote and a mouse underneath, would it be beneficial to buy a Wireless mouse, It also will not pick up my wifi which is already on the smart TV. do you think the A95 may be overheating.

    • Hi. When i received my A95x, the wifi was already enabled and on ‘autodetect’.
      However, for some obscure reason it would not connect on my wifi.

      I then proceeded to choose the manual option and gave the a95x a static, unused IP and assigned the DNS etc.
      Worked fine after that.
      As Mr. Skull says though, the wifi performance is not great.

      Hope this helps.

    • It would be better to use a95x settings to brighten up picture. Mine A95X dont have that darkness prob. Only audio (with movies) have to be lifted up on my settings about 8db or more.

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