Meizu HD50 Headphones REVIEW

What do you imagine when you think of a $60 pair of Headphones?

Something cheap, made out of plastic and the sound quality not that great, right?

Well, the Meizu HD50 headphones are the opposite of that.

Meizu started by manufacturing Mp3 players at first and later on Mp4 Players. These days, they are actually one of the top 10 companies in China that manufacture smartphones and now, headphones.

Their headphones are made out of a light metal and soft leather looking material,plus they only weigh 228 grams. They look great too, it’s hard to believe how inexpensive they are given the look and value you receive.
The headband is a very flexible band that is covered by a man made leather material, which is quite nice and is at par with the material used on my $300 AKG headset. The inside of the headband is lined with a soft foam material. What i didn’t like about the band is the fact that it isn’t a bit tigher. If you shake your head hard enough they tend to fall off (check out the video to see what i mean).

The cups of the HD50 are a CNC milled aluminum with a sleek design and a lot of attention to detail. They are flat round cups with a brushed nickel finish and a simple but great looking Meizu logo on each side.
These headphones have some nice pads that are covered with the same soft material used for the headband. Considering that they are on-ear pads they are very comfortable. The left and right channels are printed on the driver covers. One negative thing about the pads is the fact that they are non removable, therefore they can’t be changed. The sound isolation is adequate, but in noisy environments you will need to turn up the volume so you don’t hear the outside noise. When listening at high volumes the people around you are able to hear what you are listening.

They come with a removable 1.2m untangling cable, a quarter inch adapter, an airline adapter, and a carrying case.
The cable has a microphone on it that is also made out of a brushed metal and just like the headphones it looks very appealing.

So, what about the sound? Do they sound like $60 headphones? Absolutely not! I can easily compare them with headphones that cost around $120-$150
They have an accentuated bass tuning that carries over into a musical mid-range and extended treble response. They’re very musical and work with most genres of music. They sound particularly great with modern genres.
The bass seems slightly boomy from time to time, but more times than not it is an enjoyable response that brings a nice low end kick to most songs.

Connecting interface : 3.5mm
Frequency response : 20~20KHz
Impedance : 32ohms
Sensitivity : 103dB + / – 3dB
Microphone sensitivity: -42±3dB

These headphones can be found on a variety of websites anywhere from $60 to $120. I got mine for $57usd when they were on sale a couple of weeks ago from Here is a direct link:

Check out the review video for a better look at these headphones.

Review Video: