A great and affordable GPS enabled Drone – MJX Bugs 2 Review

The MJX Bugs 2 is an affordable GPS enabled quadcopter that has a 1080P camera WiFi connectivity for FPV and brushless motors.

Just reading the above description you are probably thinking that this won’t be cheap; well it is more affordable than you think. You can find if for around $110 on a couple of websites.

Most drones in this price range don’t have GPS and that makes them a bit more difficult or inconvenient to fly. This one is very easy to fly and it would be a great quadcopter for a beginner.

Even if you end up crashing it and destroying it at least it won’t be as expensive as a DJI drone.

In the Box

The quadcopter comes in a fairly big box but it’s well protected by styrofoam and won’t get damaged during transportation.

In the box you will also find the controller, the 1800mAh 7.4V LiPo battery, the charger for the battery, 4 spare propellers and the user manual.

I do recommend that you check out the manual before you fly it because it is a bit different than other quadcopters that i tried in the past.

You can find the MJX Bugs 2 at the following retailers:

Gearbest: http://bit.ly/2hMEcLe

Geekbuying: http://fas.st/HdVGy

Amazon: http://geni.us/Aoj2

Build Quality

The Bugs2 is made out of plastic and it weights about 560 grams with the battery.

The propellers can be easily removed and replaced and the quadcopter can take an SD card aa well.

Unfortunately there is no power button so to turn it on or off you have to insert the battery or remove it and that’s not the greatest design in my opinion.

The controller is also made out of plastic and it needs 4 AA batteries to operate. There is a small display on the controller as well that shows important and convenient information regarding the location of the quadcopter, battery left and available satellites.

The 1080P Camera is fixed and cannot be moved. There is no type of image stabilization either but for FPV purposes it works great. The quality of the recordings is just average or just below average so definitely not a quadcopter for filming.

Flying Performance

I have tried many affordable drones in the past but this one is the best out of all. The fact that it has GPS makes a huge difference. You can just take your hands of the controller and the quadcopter will hover in the same spot without any issues.

It’s not the fastest quadcopter that i tried but it can go fast enough to satisfy everyone’s needs.

The manufacturer suggests that it can fly for about 18 minutes on one charge but i was only able to get between 12-15 minutes for each flight.

Charging the battery with the power adapter that comes in the box is quite slow and it will take between 4 and 5 hours, so very very slow. Buying a 2nd battery would probably be a great idea.

The FPV range is around 250-300 metres but this will depend where you fly it. If you are out in the field you will get a better range than if you fly it in town. The footage from the camera can be recorded on the SD card by pressing the camera button on the controller or you can record the screen view from your smartphone.

The range for controlling the quadcopter will also vary depending where you fly it. I was only able to get it to 550 metres away from me before it got disconnected and flew back. So yes, it has a return to home function as well and it will return to the point of take off if it gets disconnected from the controller.


I enjoyed playing with the MJX Bugs 2 a lot. It’s extremely stable and a lot of fun to play with. If you get in trouble and you can’t see it anymore you can just bring it back home with a press of a button.

The quality from the recordings isn’t amazing but for FPV purposes if gets the job done.

This would be a great drone for anyone that is just starting flying because it’s extremely stable and it inspires confidence.

I have included some sample footage recorded with it’s camera in the video review that is posted below.

You can find the MJX Bugs 2 at the following retailers:

Gearbest: http://bit.ly/2hMEcLe

Geekbuying: http://fas.st/HdVGy

Amazon: http://geni.us/Aoj2

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