Rexing V1P Pro Dual Dash Camera Review

Rexing V1P Pro Dual Dash Camera

Today we are checking out another dash camera. I know, dash cameras aren’t that exciting but if you are a driver — a dash camera can save you a lot of money in case of an accident. So I do recommend that you get yourself a dash camera.

The one that we are checking out today is made by Rexing and the model name is V1P Pro. This is a dual-channel dash camera and that means that you can record the front and the back so we get two cameras and you can do 1080p with the front and 1080p with the back.

You can go the higher resolution on the front camera but then you lose the rear camera so I always do 1080p with the front and 1080p with the back.

Rexing V1P Pro resolution menu

A three-minute file with the front and with the back takes about 600 megabytes on your SD card. This camera can take SD cards up to 256 gigs but personally, I’ve only used the 64 gig SD card (Amazon link) in this one and that one works fine.

Rexing connect app on a smartphone

Some of the most important features for this dash camera are the built-in Wi-Fi and the built-in GPS logger. The camera can make a Wi-Fi network to connect to that Wi-Fi network on your smartphone and then you have access to all the settings for the dash camera and all the footage that you have saved on the dash camera. You can also download that footage right on your smartphone, of course, you’re going to need to install an app on your smartphone the app is called Rexing connect. You can find that app in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Rexing V1P Pro Dash Cam GPS logger

As for the GPS logger, that basically record your location and your speed at all times and then you can access all that to an app available on Windows or on Mac and there you can see around the video that you’ve recorded the speed and the exact location on the map, so very cool feature.

The camera comes in a fairly big box. On the front of the box, we see a picture of the front and the rear camera. On the sides, we can see the specs and some of the features. Inside the box you’re going to find the main unit which is the front camera, we have the rear camera and of course the cables for the front and the rear camera.

The cables are long enough so they can get all the way to the back of the vehicle and all the way to the cigarette lighter because that’s how you power the camera. Aside from that, we have the user manual and windshield mounts for the front and the rear cameras.

Cables and power adapter Rexing V1P Pro

The front and the rear cameras are entirely made out of plastic but the lenses are covered with glass. That’s important because if the camera sits in direct sunlight and the lenses get super-hot that glass is not going to get all fogged up if they would have been covered by plastic.

Rexing V1P Pro glass lense

The main unit is obviously bigger but small enough so you can still hide it behind the mirror somehow so you don’t actually see it from the driver’s seat. I mean you can see it from the passenger’s seat but it’s not going to bother you whenever you’re driving, it’s not going to take out of your field of view.

We also have a 2.4 inches screen there and some buttons but technically you’re going to set this up the first time and then you’re kind of going to forget about it till something happens. Hopefully, nothing ever happens then you never have to check it out but you can do all that from the buttons on the camera.

Rexing V1P Pro dash camera screen

Next, we are moving on to one of the most important things for any dash camera and that is the video quality. All the recordings were done in 1080p. The footage was not edited in any way or modified in any way. s

The main unit of the front camera does okay during the day and during the night and you can see the license plates in more situations, of course, it depends on how far the cars are from you. It depends on how the lights reflecting the license plates and so on but generally you can see the license plates in the recordings done with the front-facing camera. If you wanted you could record at the higher resolution so everything would be even more unclear.

Front camera at day

The rear camera — you can see the license plates during the day but at night time it’s kind of impossible to see the license plates because the recordings don’t look that amazing during the night. But I was kind of expecting that because that is a rear camera and that’s the case with most rear cameras.

Rear camera at night

As for the installation process — if you’ve ever installed any dash camera in your car you know that they all kind of got the same. You basically have to take your time and hide the cables, that’s the most time-consuming thing. After I’ve installed about 20 dash cameras over time it literally takes me ten minutes to install any dash camera. All you have to do is hide those cables because it just doesn’t look that nice if you have those cables hanging around.

 The installation process is very straightforward but time-consuming.

There is a gyro sensor inside the camera, that’ll sense any sudden movements and it will basically lock the particular video file. So if you get into a car accident or something like that the camera will lock that particular file so it doesn’t get overwritten by the future files. Definitely a useful feature

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