Superbox S1 Pro TV Box Review with Lifetime Subscription

Today we are checking out one of the most expensive TV boxes that I got to try so far. This is Superbox S1 Pro and if you plan on buying this you’re looking at aroud $250 to $350 depending where you get it from.

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Why is this TV box so expensive? Well, you’re not paying for the hardware, you’re actually paying for what comes installed on the TV box.

With the Superbox S1 Pro you get a lifetime subscription so you can watch over 1000 live channels and thousands of movies and TV shows. That is the real reason why this is so expensive.

Superbox S1 Pro TV Box ports

We got a pretty good looking box. Inside the box you obviously get the device itself, you’re going to find the remote control and as long as you use this TV box to watch TV the remote control works great so you don’t actually need an air mouse. But if you plan on doing more with it than watching TV then I do recommend getting yourself an air mouse.

Aside from that, you’re going to find the power adaptor and of course an HDMI cable. The TV box itself is pretty simplistic nothing that special about it.

Superbox S1 Pro TV Box ports

On the back, we have the Wi-Fi antenna, the AV port, the HDMI port, the network adapter port and of course the port for the power adapter. On the other side, we have a slot for an SD card (just in case you want to expand the internal storage) and two USB ports.

This TV box comes running with Android 7.0 and this is using the Allwinner H6 processor and 2 Gb of ram and 16 Gb of internal storage. So definitely not the highest specs out there. This device gets an Antutu score of about 60000, not the highest score out there but for what this is intended it does okay.

You can install the Android TV YouTube app on Superbox S1 Pro and you can select the maximum resolution of 4k. You can watch some content in 4k, however, I’ve noticed that many times when you switch the resolution to 4k the TV box freezes. Then you have to unplug it and then start it again. However, if you watch YouTube videos at 1440p or 1080p then it works great.

If you’re planning on using this over Wi-Fi I highly recommend that you don’t. I’ve noticed that if you use Superbox S1 Pro over Wi-Fi there is a lot of buffering. However, if you use it connected to the Internet through the cable then there is no buffering whatsoever.

Superbox S1 Pro TV Box apps

For app stores, you have the Google Play Store. This is the regular Google Play Store that you would find on any Android device and it does work fine. You can install any app from it. But then there is also their own app store and in order to use the subscription that you get to this box you have to install “Blue TV” and “Blue VOD”. Blue TV is live TV and Blue VOD is a video on demand.

Netflix also works, however, with Netflix and Amazon Prime you’re not going to be able to watch in HD. The maximum resolution you’re going to get Netflix and Amazon Prime is going to be 480p.

Superbox S1 Pro TV Box Live TV

To see Live TV you click on Blue TV. Live TV takes about 6-7 seconds until it starts up from the time you actually press on it. Here we have a lot of channels. Next, we are moving on to videos on demand so basically TV shows and movies. This is the part that I love more because I watch a lot of TV shows and movies. It takes a few seconds to load. You can search for movies, you can look for whatever genre of movies you may want and so.

Superbox S1 Pro TV Box – TV series on demand

So if you are staying at home because everybody’s staying at home and watch a lot of movies this is something that you should definitely consider.

This is the Superbox S1 Pro and after using this for a couple of weeks I got to watch a bunch of TV shows and live channels so we are very happy with it. But keep in mind that we didn’t have to pay for it.

Superbox S1 Pro TV Box – Movies on demand

To find a similar subscription to what you get with this TV box you’re going to have to spend somewhere between $20-$50 a month depending on the provider. So technically if you’d be to use this TV box for about 6-7 months then your subscription would kind of be free. This would be a good buy but you don’t exactly know if this is going to work a year from now and what happens if it doesn’t work. But as it is now it is a good deal because you don’t have to install anything, you just plug it in and it works. You don’t have to have any subscriptions and so on.

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