Insta360 GO Review – The Smallest Action Camera

Today we are checking out one of the smallest action cameras available on the market. The one that I have today is called Insta360 Go. Yes, it is very small but this is also pretty expensive so you’re looking at about $200 on Amazon or the Insta360 Store if you want to buy Insta360 Go. You can buy a lot of action cameras for under $200 so is Insta360 Go worth of buying at that price? We’re definitely going to find out.

Insta360 GO from the back

Unlike a regular action camera with Insta360 Go you cannot go around and record for like 10-15-20 minutes at the time. With this one only can do 15 seconds, 30 seconds or 60 seconds of recordings. You select that from the Insta360 Go app.

On the back of the camera, we have a little button and every time you press that button the camera will go ahead and record 15, 30 or 60 seconds (whatever you’ve selected in the app previously). Of course, it can also take pictures, do hyper-lapses and time-lapses.

The main advantage of this camera is the size because you can fit Insta360 Go to some places that you couldn’t place a regular action camera. The camera’s back has a magnet and you can attach this to a bunch of metal surfaces. That allows you to record in more unique environments.

Insta360 GO metal locket plate

In the box you are also going to find a bunch of accessories and the most intriguing one is the metal locket plate that goes around your neck and under your shirt. Then the camera attaches to that plate behind your shirt. You can just press on the camera’s button and then you can record 15-30-60 seconds at the time, depending on what you are doing.

In the box, you’re also going to find a little tripod mount and of course, you can attach Insta360 Go to a tripod. There is also a clip so you can attach Insta360 Go on a jacket on a backpack. There are a couple of other sticky mounts and you can reuse those. I would say it’s a lot of accessories so you can place this camera in more unique places so you can capture more unique moments.

Insta360 Go is water-resistant but you’re not going to be able to go diving with it. It can withstand water for up to 10 seconds so if it rains or if you drop it in water for a little bit it should be fine.

Insta360 GO charging case

Aside from those, you’re going to find the charging case. With this charging case, you can charge the camera two more times. But realistically you’re going to be running out of storage because you only have 8 Gb of internal storage before you not run out of one power.

On the back of the charging case, we have a little plastic or rubber that you can remove and connect this directly to an iPhone. On the side, we have a micro USB port and up there is a little micro USB cable and you can attach this to an Android device. If you are using any case with your iPhone you’re going to have to take off the case because the lightning connector is not long enough to be used with the case.

Insta360 Go app main menu

Once connected to your iPhone or Android device you’re going to open the Insta360 Go app. From the app, you can download the recordings on your phone.

The camera records at a resolution of 2720×2720 so it basically records in a big square. From that whenever you’re exporting a video file you’re going to select a 16×9 format, 9×16 format or 1×1 format. If you are using it for YouTube you’re going to select 16×9 but if you aren’t going to use it for an Instagram story you’re going to 9×16.

From the app, you can also edit those videos and change the saturation, the contrast, etc. It’s one of the best editing apps for an action cam that I’ve tried.

The camera can also be controlled over Bluetooth from your smartphone. If you have this action camera mounted on your car then you can connect to it with your phone and start recording without touching the camera.

Insta360 Go daytime recording example

The daytime recordings look pretty decent, the image stabilization is quite good but definitely not the best 1080p recordings that I’ve seen from an action camera. But probably the best one that I’ve seen from such a small action camera. Not to mention the sound recordings sound better than I was expecting.

Insta360 Go nighttime recording example

For nighttime recordings, I don’t think I would actually use Insta360 Go for any nighttime recordings. but that is the case with 99% of the action cameras that I’ve tried in the past.

As for pictures, if you have plenty of light the pictures do turn out quite decent. If you don’t have enough lights, we are taking pictures at night, the pictures don’t look that great.

This is a very unique action camera. I’m not sure if I’d actually pay $200 for it. It does sound a bit expensive for what it offers. I think the ideal price for something like this should have been somewhere around $100. I think for $100 it would be easier to recommend. For me personally it makes sense because I can place this in some more unique places and I can get some more unique shots but if you’re not into that I think a regular camera will do better than Insta360 Go.

Find it on Amazon or the Insta360 Store.

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