The best magnetic phone car mount! Ringke Power Clip Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount

These days we all know that we shouldn’t use our smartphones while driving; but most of us depend on them for navigation.

If the phone is on a mount or on a phone holder and you aren’t holding it in your hands than it is perfectly legal.

Over the past couple of years I tried different phone holders looking for the perfect one.

It had to be small enough, pleasant looking, convenient and super easy to install.

So the one that I liked the most is made by a phone case manufacturer called Ringke. You can attach it to an air vent or you can stick it somewhere in your car with a 3M sticker.

For the price you can’t really go wrong, you can find it on Amazon fairly cheap: and it comes with everything that you need right in the box.

My wife prefers to use hers attached to an air vent and that works just as well as if you would stick it somewhere convenient in the car.

In my car the vents aren’t located in a convenient place therefore I decided to mount it to the right hand side of the car’s display.

The 3M tape that attaches to the car is strong enough to hold the mount and the phone but you can also take it off if you ever decide that you don’t want it anymore.

I love how minimalistic the setup is and how good it looks when the phone is sitting on it; it gives the interior of the car a more unique look.

The mount can also be pointed in any direction and this is one of the main reasons why I use this one;

As you can see on the picture above, the phone is conveniently facing the driver; some other ones that I tried in the past had to stay completely straight and they weren’t as pleasant to use.

So this is a magnetic phone holder, and inside it we basically have a magnet.

In order for the phone to be able to stay on it you will need to insert a very thin metallic plate in your phone’s case. There are a couple of those metallic plates that come in the box.

If you don’t use a case with your phone that you can stick one of those metallic plates on the back of your phone, but I personally don’t think the phone looks too good that way; preferably you put a case on your phone and that will hide the metallic plate.

These are the metal plates to attach on the back of your phone.

Some people may not necessarily like this particular setup because they have to use those metal plates on their phones but me personally I absolutely love that phone holder in the car and I don’t mind the metal plates at all.

If you want to check out the Ringke Power Clip Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount here is the Amazon link:


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