Vantrue X1 Dash Camera Review

The X1 dash camera is a great alternative for anyone looking to get a dash camera for their vehicle.

It costs about $100 and it is somewhat more expensive than other dash cameras that offer the same specs. The maximum recording resolution is 1080P @ 30fps. Ideally i prefer something that can record at at least 60fps. That would be a helpful factor if you need to slow down some recorded footage.

You can find the Vantrue X1 on Amazon:

The camera has a premium feel and look and it’s made out of some type of rubberized plastic. It feels great to touch.

It can take SD cards to a maximum capacity of 64Gb and consifering that it records about 100mb/min it will give you the ability to record quite a bit before the footage starts to get overwritten.

On the back there is a 2.7″ display that is covered by plastic and it can get scratched very easily. The viewing angles are decent and the screen gets bright enough to be seen in daylight.

Video recordings are above average but not spectacular and quite grainy in low light conditions. You can check some sample recordings in the video review posted below.

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