AUKEY Dual Dash Camera Review – Great for UBER, Lyft, Cabs

Today we are checking out one of the latest cameras from AUKEY. This is called the DRS2 and this is a camera you can buy for around $130 on Amazon.

This is also a dual-camera so that means that we have a camera on the front and then we have one camera on the back and with this camera, you can record inside the vehicle.

AUKEY DRS2 Dual Dash Camera – front and rear cameras

However, this AUKEY Dual Dash Camera is a bit unique so you can remove the rear camera and then you can install this on the back of the vehicle. If you have passengers in your car, if you drive UBER, for example, you can record in front of the car and inside the car at the same time. If you don’t drive passengers around there is no point in recording the interior of the vehicle so you can just remove the rear camera and install it on the back. That’s why I said it is a bit more unique because I haven’t actually seen a feature like this before.

AUKEY DRS2 Dual Dash Camera – the rear camera installed on the back

The maximum recording resolution for the front and the rear camera is 1080p. If you are recording with the front and the back in 1080p for a 3-minute recording you are using 550 Mb of storage on the SD card.

You can install an SD card on the side of the camera. I personally use a 64 gig SD card (Amazon link) with it but the camera accepts SD cards up to 128 gigs.

The camera itself is mostly made out of plastic aside from the glass covering of the lenses. The second camera has a couple of infrared LEDs and those are used at night.

AUKEY DRS2 Dual Dash Camera – secondary camera at night

The lenses are adjustable. The main camera has a field of view of 170 degrees and the rear camera has a field of view of 152 degrees. The rear camera can also be adjusted when removed and used on the back of the vehicle. You can adjust it up or down so you can fit the windshield or the rear window or wherever you have it placed.

On the left-hand side of AUKEY Dual Dash Camera, we have a mini USB port. This is basically the power port and you basically plug this in the charger or if you have a USB port in your car in there. Next to that, we have a port for a GPS unit however I haven’t got the GPS unit so I can’t really tell you how that works. I’m assuming if you’re buying the GPS unit for it then you can see the speed at all times.

On the back of the camera, of course, we have on a small display. You can have this display on or off depending on your preference. Underneath that, we have some buttons.

AUKEY DRS2 Dual Dash Camera – main camera during the day

We also have a couple of holes here and there so the camera doesn’t heat up. Some of those holes are probably used for the internal microphone because we also have an internal microphone inside this dashcam.

Inside the box, you’re going to find everything you need for the installations:

  • The camera attaches to the windshield (we get a couple of plastic mounts that have stickers on them).
  • Replacement stickers because if we change vehicles you definitely want to take the dash camera out from the old vehicle and install it in the new vehicle.
  • Stickers for the interior camera that can be used as the rear camera. There is a mount for that.
  • The main power cable for the camera.
  • The cable just in case you’re using the rear unit on the back of the vehicle. That cable is pretty long and I guess it makes sense if you have a minivan but for a small car like mine that cable is way too long so you may have to cut it or hide it
  • The user manual. The user manual is going to be useful mostly if you haven’t used one of these dash cameras in the past.
AUKEY DRS2 Dual Dash Camera – secondary camera during the day

The recording during the day with the main camera looks decent. Depending on how far the vehicles are from you, you can see the license plates. Keep in mind that we’re recording in 1080p and that isn’t super sharp, to begin with mostly if you are comparing it with some 4K footage.

With the interior camera, you can clearly see everything that happens inside the vehicle during the day and during the night. The internal microphone on this dash camera is decent enough so you can have a better idea of what was that happening inside the vehicle

When I used the interior camera on the back the results weren’t that great. That has to do with the fact that the rear window on the Tesla Model 3 that I drive is half tinted. I’m assuming that you could get better results using this as the real camera depending on the car that you are driving.

Using this dash camera is extremely simple as well. You have to set it up the first time and every time you turn on the car the camera will start recording by itself. Then it will record and stop the recordings whenever you turn off the car.

Whenever you’re recording and something happens so you want to lock a particular recording you just have to the first button. We have other buttons to access the menus. You can change the resolution, you can change the display mode so you can choose if you want to see the front camera, the back camera, or both cameras at the same time. You can select how long the recordings should be.

AUKEY DRS2 Dual Dash Camera – main camera at night

Like most dash cameras you have that feature where the camera will sense any sudden movement so if you’re suddenly braking (or something like that) it will lock that particular recording so it doesn’t get overwritten by future recordings.

We also have motion detection but you’re only going to be using that if you have the camera hardwired to your vehicle so the camera can stay on constantly. With that feature, the camera will sense any motion in front or in the back of the vehicle. It will record whenever it senses motion just in case someone bumps into your car when the car is parked.

So this is AUKEY DRS2 Dual Dash Camera. A camera that would be very useful if you drive passengers for a living. If you drive UBER or Lyft or if you drive a cab because this way you can record to the rear camera inside the vehicle and with the other camera in front of the vehicle. And if you don’t do that, you can just remove and install it on the back window and then you can have one on the front and one on the back.

Find AUKEY DRS2 Dual Dash Camera on Amazon

SD Card that I used with it is also on Amazon

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