Xiaomi Roidmi X20 Cordless Vacuum and Mop Review

Over the past couple of years I got to try quite a few cordless vacuums and the latest one that showed up at my studio is called the Xiaomi Roidmi X20. Depending on the website that you are looking it up you may find it as the Roidmi NEX or the X20. It is the exact same vacuum and you can buy it for somewhere around $300 on Amazon or Aliexpress.

The Roidmi X20 is a smart cordless vacuum and by that, I mean that it has Bluetooth connectivity and an app that you can install on your smartphone.

In the box, you’re going to find pretty much everything you may ever need for any vacuuming situation.

First, there is the main unit, the actual vacuum that has the motor, battery pack and dust bin. There are also a bunch of extensions that can be attached to the main unit and each extension has a button at the top that you press to detach it.

Roidmi X20 main unit

There is an extension tube that you use so you don’t bend over and so you can reach higher places like the top of a book shelf or the ceiling. There is also a motorized head with LEDs at the front and if you are vacuuming somewhere where it’s dark the LEDs will come on automatically so you can actually see what you’re vacuuming.

The motorized head comes with two brushes. One brush is intended for hard floors and another brush that’s intended for carpets. I’ve noticed that the first brush works well if you don’t have very thick carpets.

Roidmi X20 changing brushes process

Changing the brush is extremely simple; there is a little orange button that you pull down and than then you can take the brush out and install the other brush. It takes about a minute to replace the brush.

Personally I will only use the brush intended for hard floors because it doesn’t catch any hair and I find it more efficient when vacuuming.

In the box there is also a mattress brush. It is much smaller and it ks intended to clean mattresses or furniture so you can clean a sofa, a chair, etc. This has a motorized brush as well.

Roidmi X20 mattress brush

Aside from that there is also a hose for harder to reach areas and a little brush which you can detach so as I was saying earlier, enough accessories for any vacuuming situation.

Surprisingly enough there is also a small mop attachment that you can fill up with water, then you attach it to the main motorized brush and your vacuum becomes a mom.

Using the vacuum is extremely simple. First of all at the top of the main unit we have some LEDs that will show you how much battery you have left. Then we have the power button and to turn on the vacuum you have to hold that button pressed for a few seconds. At the top there is a button that allows you to adjust the suction power. There are 3 levels of suction that you can select.

Roidmi X20 motorized brush with LEDs on

The charging port is located at the bottom of the vacuum and you can charge the vacuum through the port or you can charge it through the charging plate that comes with the box. No matter which you use it takes about two hours and a half to fully charge Roidmi X20 from zero to 100.

The dustbin isn’t too big but big enough so you can finish cleaning the house without having to empty it. To remove the dustbin you just press the white button on the bin and you pull. Then you can easily clean it and when you’re done with that, you can just put it back on.

Roidmi X20 charging plate installed

On one charge you can get up to 55 minutes of vacuuming but of course it depends on how you use the vacuum. If you are use the motorized brush with it and the maximum suction power that time is going to decrease.

Even if you are using the motorized brush and the max suction power will will still be able to get about 20 minutes of vacuuming on a charge. That is more than pretty much any other cordless vacuum that I’ve tried before.

Personally I always use Roidmi X20 at a maximum suction power and with the motorized brush.

The suction power is more than enough so you can suck anything from the floor and if you have any pets it will suck up the hair from the floor or carpet.

Roidmi X20 dustbin removal

You can definitely see all that dust and hair building up in the container. Whenever the container gets full you’re going to get a little LED telling you that it’s time to clean it up. When I see that it gets full I just go to the garbage bin and empty the container because this way it’s going to suck much better.

You also get the second filter in the box and the filter is sitting at the top of the dustbin and it’s very simple to remove, you just pull on it and then you can install the new one. Of course, you can buy new ones in the future.

Roidmi X20 smartphone app

As I mentioned at the beginning of this review, this is also a smart vacuum cleaner. You can connect to it with your smartphone. You’re going to have to install the Roidmi Cleaner app on your smartphone. Through the app, you can see:

  • how much battery you have
  • how long it will actually take to charge the vacuum
  • how much battery you have left
  • how much time you have left on or the current state and so on
  • when it’s time to replace the filter

You can also do software updates for the vacuum. If you don’t want to use the app you don’t need to use it and you can use the vacuum without it.


After using the Xiaomi Roidmi X20 for about two weeks I don’t really have any bad things to say about it. It does exactly what it’s supposed to do. It does vacuuming pretty well. There is enough suction power so you can suck anything from the floor. You can even mop with it, but I don’t think I’m ever going to mop with it. For what it’s supposed to do it definitely does it better than many other cordless vacuum cleaners.

And on top of everything the Roidmi X20 is probably the best cordless vacuum cleaner that I’ve ever seen. It kind of looks like Apple of vacuums.

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