A Powerful Android TV Box; Beelink GS1 6K Review

Beelink is a well known Android TV Box manufacturer. One of their latest Android media players is the GS1 6K.

This one is a bit different than most Android TV Boxes on the market because it’s using the Allwinner H6 CPU. This is a powerful quad-core CPU and i have seen it being used for a more expensive Zidoo TV Box.

Paired with the H6 CPU we have 2GB RAM,16GB of Internal Storage and the box is running Android 7.1.2. Out of that 16GB of storage 4GB are being used by the operating system but you can easily install an SD card as internal storage.

Build Quality

The Beelink GS1 6K TV Box is entirely made out of plastic, the top, sides and bottom. There are no holes anywhere and you will feel the box getting warm while being used.

It never got hot enough to turn off for the week that i have been using it no matter if i was playing games or streaming online content. The Allwinner H6 CPU definitely runs cooler than the Amlogic CPUs that i have tried in the past.

You can find the Beelink GS1 6K TV Box at the following retailers:

Gearbest: http://bit.ly/2ASA7ZJ

Aliexpress: http://ali.ski/t2h4B

Amazon: http://geni.us/oTGPs

Since the device is somewhat small there aren’t that many ports available. We have two USB Ports, one of them being a USB 3, the HDMI out, Optical Audio and a SD card Slot.


The GS1 has Bluetooth 4.1, dual Band WiFI and a Gigabit Ethernet port.

I tested the bluetooth connection by connecting a bluetooth controller and some bluetooth headphones and they both worked great.

The wifi connectivity is great as well but the wifi range is not the best out there. The further away you will place the box from your router the slower the speeds will be.

I always found that it’s the best to use tv boxes with a wired connection and this way you don’t have to deal with any buffering issues.

The box can be connected to a receiver thru the optical audio output and it supports DTS and DD 5.1 sound. Unfortunately the surround sound works only if you use the built in video player.

I also tried getting DTS and DD with KODI 17.5 but unfortunately i was only able to get stereo sound. It’s possible that a earlier version of Kodi may work better.


The Allwinner H6 seems to be a bit faster than the Octa-core Amlogic S912 and some of the Benchmark Results are also a bit higher.

The Antutu Benchmark score is around 44000 and the Ice Storm Extreme about 4200.

Video playback is great and all the files that i tried worked great and without any lag or stuttering. That included a 4K 60fps file as well. If you want to check out all the video formats i tried make sure that you check the full review video posted at the end of this article.

Gaming performance is also adequate but i found that the tv boxes that have the Amlogic S912 are a bit smoother. If you haven’t tried any before you will not feel the difference.

Opening apps is fairly quick and multitasking works great as well bit you will be somewhat limited by the 2GB of RAM. I believe that there will be a version with 3GB of RAM in the near future.

Some of you may also be interested in knowing that the GS1 6K comes with root access from the factory.

In the Box

The GS1 comes with the standard IR remote control, a power adapter, user manual and a HDMI cable.

The remote control is not great and i have seen this for pretty much every single tv box i tried. A wireless keyboard and mouse is recommended for a much better experience.


The Beelink GS1 6K TV Box is a decent device that doesn’t have a high price tag. Of you are looking for something for video streaming and some light games this one will do great.

You can find the Beelink GS1 6K TV Box at the following retailers:

Gearbest: http://bit.ly/2ASA7ZJ

Aliexpress: http://ali.ski/t2h4B

Amazon: http://geni.us/oTGPs

Below you you can find the full video review of the Beelink GS1 6K TV Box.

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