Cubot H3 Smartphone Review – a 6000mAh battery monster

Cubot is back with another affordable smartphone, the H3. This one is somewhat different because it has a massive 6000mAh battery and the entry level yet power efficient MTK6737 CPU.

The CPU is paired with 3GB Ram and 32GB GB of internal storage that can also be expanded with an SD card. Since the phone is using Android 7.0 and the software is very well optimized the phone feels quite snappy and you wouldn’t say that it costs only about $100.

Since the main selling point for this phone is the huge battery it doesn’t disappoint in that category. You can get about 2 days of usage on one charge and about 13h of Screen on time. Charging the phone takes about 4.5h so it would be the best to charge it at night.

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On the front there is a 5″ screen that has a resolution of 720P and for some people that may sound disappointing; however it’s not a bad screen. The colours are vivid and with good contrast but the viewing angles aren’t the best that i have seen.

The screen can also be touched in 5 places in the same time and it will register so you shouldn’t have any problems typing or playing games.

The phone itself doesn’t look too bad but we have a rather thick phone at 1.12cm. The frame and the back are also made out of plastic and that is a bit unusual considering that most phones from China around $100 are made out of metal.

Like most cheap phones from China we get two cameras on the back of the phone and a fingerprint scanner. The fingerprint scanner works well but it’s not very quick, therefore you have to wait about a second after you touch it for the screen to unlock.

The 0.3MP and the 13MP sensors on the back of the phone allow you to take pictures with the cool bokeh effect, but as we’ve seen for many Chinese phones in the past this is software generated and there is no edge detection therefore the pictures taken with the bokeh effect don’t look too good.

Taking pictures with the main 13MP camera is much better and the pictures look acceptable. I have included some sample pictures in the full review video that will be posted below.

Performance wise the phone isn’t bad at all; i mean, we don’t get crazy high scores on the Antutu Benchmark or the Geekbench 4 but on par with all other phones using the same CPU. The main difference between this phone and another one using a faster cpu is how quickly the phone opens applications. With this one it will take a few seconds to load certain apps but if you have patience it works well afterwards.

Gaming is also possible and most games available in the Google Play Store will do great but you will see some skipped frames and some lag for the heavier more graphics intensive games.

For more detailed information and some sample pictures taken with the front and rear cameras make sure that you check the full review video below.

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