Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Smart Watch Review

The Gear Fit2 Pro is a new fitness band that brings a lot of features packed in a very small package. Some of the most notable features are the constant heart monitoring, GPS, water resistance up to 50m, bluetooth connectivity for headphones and auto physical activity tracking.

The band is mostly made out of plastic and it weights only 34 grams and that makes it very comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

The 1.5″ Super Amoled screen is cover by some type of scratch resistant glass and for the month that i have been using it i didn’t get aby scratches on it.

The screen gets very bright as well and can be easily seen in bright daylight.

The bad has a 200mAh battery inside and it can go for about 4-5 days on one charge, but it will depend a lot how you use the band. If you constantly use the GPS and the heart rate monitor you may even have to charge it daily. Once again, this is something that will be different from user to user.

The band has 4GB of internal storage available and 512mb of RAM. The internal storage can also be used for storing musicnand since you can connect some bluetooth headphones to it you don’t need to carry your phone with you all the time.

You can find the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro on Amazon:

Another important feature for this band is the ability to receive and reply to notifications that are being pushed from your smartphone thru the Samsung Gear app. Even though you can actually type on the screen you can reply with some pre-written messeges or with Emoji. For apps like Twitter you can like or retweet notifications right from the band without taking out your phone.

Unfortunately you cannot make phone calles on the Gear Fit2 Pro, but i didn’t find that as a deal breaker; who wants to have conversations on their watch anyway?

One of the nost important features for any fitness band is the ability to track your activities properly and the Gear Fit2 Pro does it very well. The only difference between the auto tracking and starting an activity yourself is the ability to have the GPS going as well. If the GPS is being used you can also see a map at the end of the workout and of course more accurate tracking.

Overall the band offers a lot of features for anyone that just wants to keep track of their daily steps and activities or someone that works out daily, goes running or swimming or cycling.

All the information from the band can be compiled on the Samsung Health app or other apps that you may use. This wasy you can easily see your progress at the endo of each day or week. For more detailed information check out the full video review below.

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