2020 Tesla Model 3 Performance – Review & Updates

My 2020 Model 3 Performance is finally here! It took a couple of weeks to get it from the time I ordered but it wasn’t as long as it was stated on the website.

I got the the Deep Blue Metallic colour and it looks spectacular with the new 20″ Grey performance wheels!

Supposedly a Model 3 with 20″ wheels is less power efficient than a Model 3 with 19″ or 18″ wheels but that is a compromise that I am willing to do for the added style.

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Tesla Model 3 Performance with 20″ Grey Wheels

Unfortunately the Michelin 4S tires that come with these wheels are meant for summer, therefore they won’t do great in snow. I highly recommend getting a set of winter tires if you live somewhere where you get snow during the winter.

Aside from the bigger wheels and the big red break calipers the performance model gets a carbon fiber spoiler the dual motor badge with a red line underneath and a somewhat lower suspension.

2020 Tesla Model 3 Performance Deep Blue Metallic

Everything else is virtually the same as the Standard Range Plus and the Long Range AWD models.

In a way I wish there would be a bit more of a difference between the performance model and the other ones; maybe a body kit or a more aggressive looking front bumper.

2020 Model 3 Performance Autopilot driving

I also got the black interior; I feel that it’s a better match with the deep blue metallic color and the grey rims; not to mention that it will look cleaner and sharper than the white interior in a few months.

The 2020 Model 3 Performance and the LR AWD model come with the premium interior, so there is a better sound system, heated seats on the front and back, some extra lights and premium connectivity.

The premium connectivity is free for the first year of ownership, but after that it will be $120/year.

Deep Blue Metallic Tesla Model 3 Performance

At the time of this article I’ve only had the car for a day and it has been quite an adjustment driving it from my last vehicle.

The torque is instant, there is no noise, there is no vibration when accelerating, no shifting gears; it is a very unique driving experience.

Unlike other EVs on the market this one is extremely quick; it literally leaves you breathless. There is a very good chance you can make yourself sick from accelerating that quickly! It will definitely take me some time to get used to it.

When you look at it, it doesn’t look like a fast car, it kind of looks cute, but the looks are very deceiving!

Another very cool feature for the Model 3 is the Autopilot.

This is basically assisted driving and it comes standard on all models. You can also buy the Full Self Driving upgrade but it is expensive and I don’t think it’s worth the money at this time.

The Autopilot can accelerate, break and keep the lanes but let me tell you that it feels extremely creepy letting the car drive you. It will take me a few days to get used to it and trust it but when that happens I can definitely see this being super useful in traffic and on the highways.

While using the autopilot the driver is still required to keep the hands on the steering wheel. If you don’t the car will nudge you to do so every 15 seconds or so. If you don’t the car will stop and disengage the Autopilot.

I will keep updating this article in the future to let you know my experience with autopilot after I get a chance to use it more and try it in more situations.

2020 Model 3 Performance

The one thing I’m not a big fan of are the door handles. It just doesn’t seem natural opening the doors. You have to push and than pull and it feels very unnecessary and unnatural.

Every time someone tries to get in the car you have to get out and show them how to do it and even after you show them it’s a bit confusing; I wish they would have had a more mainstream design for door handles.

I will continue updating this article with my experience with the Model 3 Performance!


It has been over a month since I got the Tesla Model 3 Performance and it has been a great month! No issues at all with the vehicle. I even made a short review video for it talking about my experience!

I’ve also done a video talking about my experience driving on snow and ice. I love the way this video turned out. Check it out below:

One of the questions that I always get from many people has to do with the actual range in the cold.

So I decided to test out the real range in the cold. If you want to check out what I found out here is the video:

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