FIIL CANVIIS & FIIL T1X review: best Wireless Earbuds under $50?


About three years ago I’ve done a review for FIIL DIVA headphones. I’ve been using them ever since that review and I absolutely loved them. Not to mention that they still look brand-new now after three years. Whenever I go somewhere on a train, they’re always coming with me. Keep in mind that I take care of them and they’re always in the case when I’m not using them. FIIL DIVA are some of the best headphones that I’ve ever had.


So about a month ago the company reached out to me and asked if I want to check out the updated version of FIIL DIVA, which are called the FIIL CANVIIS and their latest on wireless earbuds FIIL T1X.

Design-wise nothing really changed between FIIL DIVA and FIIL CANVIIS. They look the same and they feel the same when you have them on your head. FIIL CANVIIS do sound a bit better, they do get a bit louder, they have a bit more bass. Also, noise-canceling has been improved. So the sound is better but they feel the same and that’s definitely a good thing.

Everything else is kind of the same from what I’ve said in that review three years ago. All the features are the same and the functionality is the same.

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FIIL T1X review

FIIL T1X are wireless earbuds that you can buy for under $50. And for this price, I feel that these are some of the best wireless earbuds that you can get.

FIIL T1X in the charging case

The wireless earbuds come in a fairly small box. On the front of the box, we see a picture of the earbuds. Inside the box, we get the charging case and, of course, the wireless earbuds. There is also a user manual but FIIL T1X are very simple to use. Aside from that, you’re going to find the USB-C cable ( the charging port is on the back of the case).

Also, you’re going to find some replacement ear-cups. You can change them so the earbuds actually fit your ears better.

FIIL T1X replacement ear-cups

On a charge of you can get about 4 hours on the earbuds themselves. Then you can charge them from the case and another three times. Therefore you get about 20 hours of listening time on one charge. Very convenient because you basically charge them once and then you can use them for the entire week.

Charging FIIL T1X takes about 1h30min which is fairly quick.

Using FIIL T1X is super simple. First of all, you have to pair them on your phone the first time. You can open the Bluetooth settings and search for new devices. After you pair FIIL T1X for the first time, all you have to do is open the case and put earbuds in your ears. They’re going to connect to themselves and to the phone so you don’t actually have to do anything.

FIIL T1X sound setup app

When I first put FIIL T1X I have to say that they did sound a bit flat. I was a bit disappointed because I had very high hopes from the headphones. But then I downloaded “FIIL+ Global edition” app from the Google Play Store / App Store. And from the app, you can customize the sound. If you’re listening to a song that requires more bass, you can choose a profile for that. The same with podcasts and so on.

FIIL T1X are some of the best sounding wireless earbuds that I’ve heard under $50. It has a lot to do with that app. Because without the app they would be just like any other earbuds.

FIIL T1X charging case with USB-C port

The earbuds also allow you to adjust the volume: you tap on one once – and you can turn it up. Then you can adjust it downwards, change songs, go to a previous song and, of course, you can access the voice assistant on your phone. If you have an Android device (Google assistant) or if you are using an iPhone (Siri).

If you don’t know how to use them – just open the app and the instructions are right there in the app and very easy to follow as well.

Another very important thing for any wireless earbuds is the latency. Because you definitely don’t want to watch a video and see the image and then get the sound a second late. That is annoying. I’ve tried a bunch of apps like Netflix, YouTube, Crave (Canadian streaming app) and I haven’t had any issues on iOS or Android. I did use a Huawei M5 light tablet to try FIIL T1X on Android with a bunch of apps.

There is no latency on FIIL T1X. And that is a problem with a lot of cheaper wireless earbuds, luckily not with these ones.

As for range, you can leave the phone in the room and two rooms over you’re still connected. But if you go further than that they will get disconnected. I haven’t had any issues when the phone was in my pocket.

FIIL T1X on the hand

Few words about FIIL T1X ear fitment. Of course, this will depend on your ears because everyone’s ears are a bit different. But there are different ear cups that come in the box so they can fit on your ear. If you have them placed right in your ear – you can go run, do physical exercise and they’re not going to fall out of your ears. I did notice that after about 2h30min my ears get tired so you do have to take them out and give them give your ears a break.

FIIL T1X are also water-resistant so if you are sweating or if it’s raining nothing will happen to them. I have to say that for under $50 these are definitely some of my favorite wireless earbuds that I have tried in the past couple of years. If you’re looking for some affordable and wireless earbuds that also work great – definitely check FIIL T1X out.

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