Yeedi K600 $150 Automatic Robot Vacuum Review

Today we are checking out a very affordable robotic vacuum. The one that I have today is made by a company called Yeedi and you can find Yeedi K600 for under $150 on Amazon.

There are two types of robotic vacuums: the one like Yeedi K600 (the more basic ones) and then you have the other ones that are over $400. Typically with more expensive ones you get a mapping system, the vacuum connects to the internet, you can control it from an app on your smartphone and so on.

With a vacuum like this, a more affordable one – you don’t get any of that. The vacuum doesn’t connect to the internet, you cannot schedule the cleanings. Also, you cannot control it from your smartphone so with Yeedi K600 you have to start the cleanings manually. You can do that from the remote control that comes in the box or by pressing the button at the top of the vacuum.

Yeedi K600 on the carpet

In the box, you’re going to find everything you need so you can start vacuuming right away. You’re going to find:

  • the vacuum;
  • the dust bin that also has the filter installed already;
  • you have two side brushes that you have to install on the vacuum;
  • the user manual;
  • you have a little brush so you can clean the sensors from the bottom of the vacuum;
  • you have a remote control so you can control the vacuum from the remote control.

There is a power button on the side of the vacuum so remember that you have to turn it on before you actually use it. There is also a charging dock in there and the vacuum knows how to go back to the charging dock to recharge if it runs out of power.

Yeedi K600 connecting to the charging dock

It takes about three and a half to four hours to fully charge the vacuum from 0 to 100. On one charge you can do an hour and a half of cleaning so it really depends how big your house is. For my house, the vacuuming is done in about an hour and 10 minutes so it’s more than enough so it can actually finish a cleaning cycle before it goes back to recharge.

The main difference between a robotic vacuum like this one and a more expensive robotic vacuum with a mapping system is how long it actually takes for it to vacuum a house. I’ll give you an example of my other robotic vacuum that has a mapping system. Keep in mind that my other robotic vacuum is about $500. For that vacuum, it takes about 27 minutes to do a complete cleaning around my house. With this one, it takes more than 2x longer.

Yeedi K600 brush and sensor

That’s because Yeedi K600 doesn’t exactly know where it’s been. Yeedi K600 just goes bouncing around. It does the edges first and then it goes in a zigzag in the room and then it has to find the other room and so on. So that’s the main difference between this one and a more expensive robotic vacuum.

The suction power on this one is just as good as you’d get from a more expensive vacuum.

Yeedi K600 will do great over hard floors and carpets but, of course, it really depends how thick the carpets are. At my house, I have carpets that are half-inch thick. Over those carpets, it can go on over without any issues but if you have two-inch thick carpets it’s definitely not going to work out.

You also have to pick up any cables or small toys from the floor before you have the vacuum cleaning because otherwise, the cables are just going to get stuck in the brush underneath.

Yeedi K600 works around the steps

You can also remove the brush from underneath and clean it because it will catch hair. We also have two side-brushes and you can also remove those so you can clean the hair.

You’re also going to have to clean the sensors at the bottom because if you don’t clean those – the vacuum will just fall down the steps. Every couple of weeks make sure that you clean those sensors. If you have them clean the vacuum will not fall down the stairs or anything like that.

We also have some sensors on the front of the vacuum so you have to clean the front every now and then as well. The whole entire front is basically a bumper so whenever that hits something – the vacuum knows how to turn around and go around that. The bumper also has some kind of rubber around it so it doesn’t scratch your furniture.

Yeedi K600 remote control

The dustbin is sitting on the back of the vacuum. To remove the dustbin you just have to press that button in the center and pull the dust bin and then empty it in the garbage. Then you just put it back on and the vacuum can keep going.

There is a remote control that comes in the box and from this remote control you can start and stop the vacuuming, you can also control the vacuum (drive it around the house from the buttons up top the remote control). You have an edge cleaning option so the vacuum goes around the edges of the room. You have the return option and also a spot cleaning in case you spill something – you just bring the vacuum there and then you start the spot cleaning. It will basically do a circle where you want it to clean.

If you’re looking for an affordable robotic vacuum and you don’t really care how long it takes it to finish vacuuming your house, you don’t really care if it has a mapping system, if you can control it from your smartphone or if you can schedule cleanings — this is definitely one that you should consider.

I haven’t really seen anything bad and haven’t found anything bad about it. Yeedi K600 does its job but it takes a while to do it.

Find it on Amazon.

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